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During the currently running Hangout Events in Genshin Impact you will need to take a picture for a date location. This picture taking is need to advance the story of this quest. If you are wondering how to take the photos required of you, we’ve go you covered. Learn how to take pictures in the Noelle Hangout below.


Take Photos at Three “Date” Locations

Image showing taking a photo at Cape Oath in Genshin Impact.

In the Noelle Hangout Event there is a track of the quest that tasks you with setting up a romantic rendezvous for Bea. Since Noelle doesn’t have a lot of experience in the love department she decides it is best to take picture at various locations to present to Bea to decide. The three locations you need to visit are:


  1. Go to Cape Oath and take a picture using photo mode.
  2. Go to Startsnatch Cliff and take a picture using photo mode.
  3. Head to Windrise and take yet another picture using photo mode.

At the locations listed above you will encounter a glowing quest spot. When you approach a glowing spot you will be prompted to take a picture. While this may seem to imply using something like the Kurious Camera, the game actually wants you to snap a screenshot. To do this access the game’s photo mode and snap a picture at each location. When done correctly the quest marker will disappear.

Once the photos have been taken you can head back to Bea to present the photos to her. Bea will end up deciding on a location, and Noelle will go to Windrise. Follow Noelle to Windrise and speak to her there to receive the memory for this ending. This is one of six possible endings for the Noelle Story Quest.

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