Suspicious Citizen Location – Genshin Impact

During the event mission Sound of Discord in Genshin Impact players need to find a suspicious citizen in Mondstadt. This suspicious citizen is part of the Treasure Hoard group that is looking to infiltrate the city. When you attempt to find this person you will enter a large search radius. To help speed up your search check out the Suspicious Citizen location below.

Where is the Suspicious Citizen in Genshin Impact

Once you receive the quest objective from Vile you will need to make your way to the search area. In the search area you need to look for an NPC named Suspicious Citizen. The Suspicious Citizen NPC can be found near the Angel’s Share Tavern to the southwest at the location on the map in the gallery above.

Upon finding the Suspicious Citizen speak to him to blow the plan wide open. This leads to the Suspicious Citizen being arrested by the knights. Once the citizen is dealt with you will receive the next portion of the quest. This portion sees you takedown the other members of the group trying to infiltrate Mondstadt.

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