Where to Find Silverstar Ore – Genshin Impact

In the Realm of Fog and Wind seasonal mission in Genshin Impact players must find ore called Silverstar Ore. This ore is located in a particular location in Teyvat. If you need to know what that location is we’ve got you covered. Below you will learn where to find Silverstar Ore in Genshin Impact.

Where to Get Silverstar Ore in Genshin Impact

Image showing the Starsilver Ore map locations.

To complete the quest objective for Albedo you need to acquire Starsilver Ore. This special ore is located in and around the Dragonspine mountain. The best way to find some veins is to use something like the Genshin Impact interactive map. This map shows you where to find the different resources in the game, including Starsilver Ore. The screenshot above is from that map resource.

Make your way to any of the ore locations shown on the map above and mine the ore (hit it) so you gather 3x of them. Once you have 3x of the Starsilver Ore make your way back to Albedo and give him the ore. This will trigger another interaction. After the interaction is complete you will receive the Windblume which allows you to advance the quest.

Finding Silverstar Ore is just one of the multiple quest objectives for this seasonal mission. Like other seasonal missions you receive rewards of Primogems, XP, Hero’s Wit, and Mora for completing it. If you are short on any of those items completing this mission is an easy way to receive them.

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