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During the Windblume Research Report mission in Genshin Impact players need to help a foreign researcher named Sayid. Sayid is in Mondstadt to research the Windblume Festival. To get the research information he needs you will have to take photos at different locations in Mondstadt. To hep you take these photos use our Sayid photo locations guide below.

Photo 1: Floral Decorations in Fountain Square

Image showing where to take a picture of the Floral Decorations in Fountain Square in Genshin Impact.

The first photo Sayid requests from you is to take a picture of floral decorations in the fountain square. The location for this photo is found near the main gates in Mondstadt near Flora (will be a quest marker on your map). Head to this location and angle your camera up at the floral decorations on the buildings above. Open your camera and snap the same picture shown above. This will complete the first photo location for Sayid.

Photo 2: Flora

Image showing where to take a picture of Flora for Sayid.

Note: Flora needs to be at her shop. If she isn’t just pass time until she is. Also note Flora is not available until you complete the Windblumes and Snowflakes side quest first. So photos of her will not count until that side quest is complete.

The second picture Sayid needs you to take is located nearby at Flora’s stall. Head over to the stall and position yourself so you can see the flower girl. Repeat the photo process again and snap a picture of Flora and yourself. This will complete this photo location and will unlock the final location.

Photo 3: Anemo Statue Near Cathedral

Image showing where to take a picture of the Anemo statue in Genshin Impact.

The third, and final photo, you need to take is of the large Anemo Statue near the Cathedral in Mondstadt. Make your way to the quest location and stand so you are facing the statue. Access the game’s photo mode and snap the final for Sayid picture.

Once the final picture is taken you will basically have completed the quest. Collect your rewards for helping out this character with his research. There are more seasonal event quests for players to complete. Be sure to grab them all so you can get the different rewards available.

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