Genshin Impact Shiny Flotsam Acquisition Guide

In the new update 1.6 of Genshin Impact there is an item called Shiny Flotsam. This item is important to collect as it unlocks a variety of event items you will want to get. Getting this item is fairly straightforward. To learn more see our Genshin Impact Shiny Flotsam guide below.

How to Get Shiny Flotsam

To get Shiny Flotsam you need to complete special marked sea combat events in the Golden Apple Archipelago. These marked combat interactions become available to you once you’ve explored the full island area. The special combat events will be marked on your map with the icon shown above. To complete the event go to the location using your ship and complete the objective there. Typically the objective is to defeat a set number of enemies. Once you defeat the enemies you will receive your Shiny Flotsam reward.

Once you complete one of these challenges a new one will appear on your map. You can make your way to the new marker and defeat the challenge there to get further Shiny Flotsam.

What to Do with Shiny Flotsam

Shiny Flotsam can be spent on the Event Item shop for the Midsummer Island Adventure. This shop contains a variety of items you may wish to purchase using the Shiny Flotsam you collect. Some items you may wish to grab form the store include Crown of Insight, Northland Billet Trove, and a variety of items for the Serenitea Pot.

That’s all you need to know to collect Shiny Flotsam in Genshin Impact. This event currency is fairly easy to acquire and you will get a lot of it if you login daily. Let me know what you think of our Genshin Impact Shiny Flotsam guide below.


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