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In update 1.6 of Genshin Impact there is a new seasonal location players can visit that is a tropical island. This tropical island is accessible to you once you have downloaded the update and reached a couple of requirements. Our Genshin Impact how to visit the Midsummer Island guide will walk you through this process.

Meet Requirements to Go to Island

Like other updates in the game not everything is available to all players. The Midsummer Island is one of those additions. There are prerequisites for you to complete before you can go to the island. The island requires:

  • Complete Klee’s Story Quest “Trifolium Chapter: Act 1 – True Treasure.”
  • Complete Archon quest “Prologue: Act III – Song of the Dragon and Freedom.”

Be sure you’ve completed the above mentioned steps before you advance the game. If you don’t you will not be able to go to the island using the steps below.

Complete Mysterious Islands: Journey to the Unknown Quest

The Mysterious Islands: Journey to the Unknown quest screen.

When you login to the game after installing the update 1.6 you will be greeted by a new quest. This new quest is called Mysterious Islands: Journey to the Unknown. You need to complete the following steps of this quest:

  1. Talk to Klee.
  2. Ask about the legendary island (0/3).
  3. Speak to Lisa at the Library.
  4. Talk to Jean.
  5. Meet Barbara outside between 12:00-18:00.
  6. Go to Windrise.

At Windrise you will encounter Venti. Venti will offer to help you get to the island using Dvalin. Dvalin can take you only part of the way. When you have control you will be on one of the islands in the new area.

Get the Boat

Once you are on the island you need to get a boat to maneuver around. The boat is highlighted on your map. Is is lower down on the coast of the islands. Approach the boat to trigger an interaction. This will unlock The Waverider for use.

After unlocking The Waverider you are free to explore the area as you see fight. There are a number of islands in this area and an overarching story to complete. We have more guides to help you complete what’s available in update 1.6.

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