Starfield Earth Landmarks & Snow Globes Locations Guide

Image showing the Burj Khalifa landmark on Earth in Starfield.

In Starfield there are a number of locations for players to visit across a variety of galaxies. Many of these locations hold a variety of secrets and treats for explorers. One of the most secret packed locations that players can visit is Earth. This planet is home to a bunch of famous real-world landmarks players can visit to find Snow Globes. To learn all of the Starfield Earth landmarks and how to get to them, see our guide below.

How to Visit all Starfield Earth Landmarks

Landmarks on Earth work a bit different from how they work in other locations. In order for you to visit them you must track down various books across the galaxies. These books, when you read them, unlock the different Earth landmarks on the planet. Once a landmark is unlocked, you can fast travel to it and explore the area. Currently, there are ten Earth landmarks that you can visit.

LandmarkHow to Visit
NASA Launch TowerYou go to this location during the main storyline.
Empire State BuildingRead the Our Lost Heritage Book in the President’s Office at MAST headquarters in New Atlantis.
US Bank TowerRead the Hope Family Tree Book in Director Ron Hope’s Office at the HopeTech’s headquarters on Hopetown, a city in the Valo system on the planet Polvo.
Gateway ArchRead the Price of Destiny Book in Benjamin Bayu’s penthouse on Neon.
International Commerce CenterRead Maurice Lyon’s Journal in the New Homestead settlement museum on Titan.
The ShardRead the Oliver Twist book found at Sinclair’s Books in Akila City.
Shanghai TowerRead the Essentials of Modern Macroeconomics book on the ECS Constant ship flying around Porimma II.
Pyramids of GizaRead The Ancient Civilization of Egypt Book found in Sinclair’s books in Akila City.
Burj KhalifaRead the Race to the Heavens Book found in Larry Dumbrosky’s room on the Siren of the Stars ship.
Abeno HarukasRead the Diary of Kyosuke Nagata in Delgado’s Living Quarters on The Key.

Each of the locations listed above features a special Snow Globe collectible you can find. These collectibles are similar in nature to the ones found in the Fallout series. These globes showcase the landmark you’re visiting and can fetch a price of 190 credits when sold.

Should You Visit Earth’s Landmarks in Starfield

Exploring Earth’s landmarks in Starfield is entirely your choice. While progressing through the main storyline, you will visit Earth once as part of the Unearthed mission, leaving the other nine locations optional. Whether you should explore these landmarks depends on your preferences within the game. If you’re interested in revisiting real-world Earth locations, unlocking and visiting them is worthwhile; otherwise, you can skip them. It’s worth noting that the Snow Globes themselves aren’t valuable enough to warrant extensive searching.

Which of the Starfield Earth landmarks is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.



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