Starfield: Visit the St. Louis Landmark

Image showing location of the Saint Louis Snow Globe in Starfield.

Starfield is full of planets to visit, but one of the most interesting is Earth. Players can visit many popular locations on Earth as part of special activities, and one of these special locations is the remains of the Gateway Arch. To learn how to visit the location and get the Snow Globe there, see our Starfield visit the St. Louis Landmark guide below.

How to Start the Visit the St. Louis Landmark Activity in Starfield

To activate the St. Louis Landmark Activity in Starfield, players must track down a specific book called The Price of Destiny. To acquire this book players get it from Benjamin Bayu’s penthouse on Neon on the planet of Volii Alpha in the Volii star system.

You aren’t able to access Benjamin Bayu’s penthouse without the key. To get it go to the Booth 4 in the VIP area of the Astral Lounge. Benjamin likes to spend time in this booth. If he is not there wait for him to appear. When he appears pickpocket him to get the penthouse key.

Take the penthouse key and go to the elevator just outside the Astral Club entrance. Use the lift to go up to the penthouse. In the penthouse go to Benjamin’s office. On the desk next you will find a copy of The Price of Destiny book.

Once you’ve acquired a copy of The Price of Destiny you will immediately trigger the Visit the Saint Louis Landmark activity. To complete this activity you must visit the landmark and collect the snow globe there.

Where to Find the St. Louis Snow Globe in Starfield

The Saint Louis Snow Globe is located at the St. Louis Landmark on Earth in the Sol system. Your map automatically marks this location for you to visit when you obtain The Price of Destiny. Go to the marked location and over to the ruins of the Gateway Arch. Make your way under the arch and look for a piece of debris there. On the debris you will find the Snow Globe.

This is just one among several landmarks that players can discover on Earth. Make sure to refer to our comprehensive Earth Landmark guide to locate all ten of them along with their corresponding Snow Globes.

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