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In the Temtem side mission called Refrigerated Vanishings players reach a point where they need to answer a list of questions for a character named Satoko. To advance the quest and receive the Matter-Transfer Drone which allows you to fast travel. These questions are fairly hard and can be a bit confusing. To help ensure you answer them correctly see the Satoko questions answers list below.

What Are the Answers to Satoko’s Questions?

To prove yourself as a world-traveler to Satoko she will ask you a total of 9 questions. Answer these questions correctly, or you’ll need to retake the test. The correct answers to the questions asked during the conversation are as follows:

  1. Anak Volcano.
  2. The Cenote.
  3. The Kakama Cenote.
  4. Upinzani, Kwea Uplands, Jinogap, Vumbi.
  5. Thalassian Cliffs.
  6. Four.
  7. The Mines of Mictlan.
  8. Aguamarina Caves.
  9. Anak.

If you follow the list above you will answer all of Satoko’s questions correctly. She will be satisfied that you are a world traveler. Given the knowledge you posses of the different islands you will receive the Matter-Transfer Drone. This device allows you to fast travel to specific locations once they have been uncovered.

This device is very useful and is a must to acquire. Having the ability to fast travel across the different islands makes travelling much more convenient than it ever has been. Answer the questions from Satoko correctly to ensure you receive this device and the carefree travelling it unlocks.

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