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On the Cipanku island in Temtem players can unlock the ability to teleport. This useful ability makes fast traveling around the different islands much faster. To unlock this ability you need to complete a quest involving a vanishing refrigerator. Learn how to compelte this quest in our Refrigerated Vanishings guide below.

Where to Start Refrigerated Vanishings

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You can start the Refrigerated Vanishings side quest by speaking to Mayu in the Miyako Village. Mayu lives inside the house circled on the map above. When you speak to Mayu ask her about her refrigerator to trigger the quest. The first step is to speak to Miku who is inside the house. Do this then leave and head to Neoedo.

Ask Around Neodo About the Vanished Fridge

In Neodo make your way to the Apartment Building highlighted on the map above. Go to the first floor of this building and speak to the Confused Dude who is standing in front of a fridge. He will mention the fridge recently appeared in front of him. After this conversation you will need to head to the Izakaya in Neodo. Go there now.

Ask Satoko at the Neodo Izakaya and Answer Her Questions

In the Izakaya head over to the bar and speak to Satoko. When you speak to her as her if she is friends with the Fridge dude. Once you begin this conversation she will ask you a number of questions. To get the teleporter device you need to answer these questions correctly. The questions and answers are as follows:

Q. What is the highest mountain on Omninesia?

A. Anak Volcano.

Q. What is the biggest body of drinkable water in Tucma?

A. The Cenote. Followed by The Kakama Cenote.

Q. What’s the route from Upinzani to Vumbi?

A. Upinzani, Kwea Uplands, Jinogap, Vumbi.

Q. And from Arissola to Brical de mar?

A. Thalassian Cliffs.

Q. How many towns in Deniz?

A. Four.

Q. Where can you find substantial deposits of volcanic crystal?

A. The Mines of Mictlan. Followed by Aguamarina Caves. Followed by and Anak.

For quick reference the order of answers is as follows (top answer selection being 1, middle being 2, bottom being 3) 132311331. If you fail to get the answers correctly you will need to try again. You can try as many times as you wish. Follow the answers above to get it correct. Once you answer correctly Satoka will give you the Matter-Transfer Drone which allows you to teleport.

That’s all you need to know to complete the Refrigerated Vanishings side quest in Temtem. Once you have the Matter-Transfer Drone you can use it to Fast Travel around the different maps. This item is a must have to help cut down on travel time.

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