Rock Carvings Locations Guide: Where to find all 10 Rock Carvings in Red Dead Redemption 2

There are a number of collectibles to find in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2. So far we’ve collected all 20 Dreamcatchers, so now it is time to turn our attention to Rock Carvings. Rock Carvings are located out in the world and are tied to the Stranger Mission “Geology for Beginners”. There are a total of 10 Rock Carvings to find and I will show you all their locations in the Rock Carvings locations guide below.


  • None of the Rock Carvings are missable. They can be collected at anytime during or after the story.
  • You need to collect every Rock Carving if you want the Collectible Strand Trophy/Achievement.
  • The Rock Carvings are needed for 100% Game Completion.
  • You don’t need to start the Stranger Mission to find the Rock Carvings in the world.
  • Inspect each rock carving to collect it.
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Where to Start Mission “Geology for Beginners”

To start the Rock Carvings mission, make your way to the town of Strawberry and look for a man on his porch. This man is named Francis Sinclair. When you speak with the Francis Sinclair, he will tell you about 10 Rock Carvings that are located throughout the world of Red Dead Redemption 2. Sinclair wants you to collect all 10 Rock Carvings coordinates and send them to him by mail. Doing this will trigger the Stranger Mission “Geology for Beginners”. So let’s find all 10 Rock Carvings.

All Rock Carving Locations in Red Dead Redemption 2

There are a total of 10 Rock Carvings spread out around the map you will need to collect. I will be starting from the west and working my way east, but you can start however you want. There is no necessary order to the list below, just my approach to collecting all the Rock Carving coordinates.

Rock Carving 1 Location – West Bank of the Ownajila Lake

The first Rock Carving is located on the west banks of the Ownajila Lake at the spot highlighted marked on the map above. Go to the spot on the map above and look for the Rock Carving on a boulder near the lower portion of the west banks. This first Rock Carving shows a main going through what appears to be a portal.

Rock Carving 2 Location – On the T in West Elizabeth

To find the next Rock Carving, make your way to the T in West Elizabeth on your map. On mountain look for a shelf with the Rock Carving on it. Inspect the Rock Carving to add its coordinates to your journal. If you look at this Rock Carving you will see it has a Helix in it.

Rock Carving 3 Location – Northwest of Flatneck Station

This Rock Carving can be found to the northwest of Flatneck Station. To find the carving, look go to the spot my character is at on the picture above (map). On the highest ledge of the mountain you will find the Rock Carving. In this Rock Carving we see a wagon along with a person appearing through what looks like a portal.

Rock Carving 4 Location – End of Road at Top of Mount Hagen

To get this Rock Carving, make your way up the only road that goes up Mount Hagen. Near the end of the road you will see the Rock Carving just off the roadway (literally right beside the pathway). Inspect the Rock Carving to add it to your collection of coordinates.

Rock Carving 5 Location – West of Cumberland on Mountain along Dakota River

This Rock Carving can be found along on a mountain along the Dakota River. Make your way to the the top of the mountain facing west and look down for a pathway you can drop onto. Drop onto the ledge and follow it along to reach the Rock Carving.

Rock Carving 6 Location – On the West Bank of the Whinyard Strait

You will find this Rock Carving on the west bank of the Whinyard Strait (on the h in Whinyard). Look at the rocks along the strait and you will see the Rock Carving there. Inspect it to add it to your collection.

Rock Carving 7 Location – Top of Mountain West of Bacchus Station

There is a mountain west of Bacchus station which is home to the next Rock Carving we are gonna collect. Make your way to the top of the mountain and look for a pathway running to the north (there is a tree beside it). Go down the pathway and walk along the cliffside to reach the Rock Carving.

Rock Carving 8 Location – South of Moonstone Pond

Head to this location south of Moonstone pond and look for a plateau. On top of the plateau you will find a rock that has the Rock Carving in it. On this rock there is a Rock Carving of a pyramid.

Rock Carving 9 Location – Northeast of Deer Cottage

On the road going to the northeast of Deer Cottage you will find the next Rock Carving on the mountainside. This Rock Carving can be seen from the road, but you will need to go up to it in order to inspect.

Rock Carving 10 Location – East of the Elysian Pool

The final Rock Carving is located to the east of the Elysian Pool. There is a rock face with the final Rock Carving on it. Inspect it to add it to your collection.

Mail All 10 Coordinates to Francis Sinclair

Once you’ve collected all 10 of the Rock Carvings mentioned above, make your way to the nearest Post Office to send the coordinates to Francis Sinclair. Once you’ve mailed your coordinates  you will need to wait a few days to get a reply. To pass the time you can visit a hotel, or camp in the woods. When the mail comes, you will receive a prompt in the upper left corner of the screen.

Receive your Reward and Go to The Cabin

Rewards for Time Travelling Quest

When you receive your mail, you will get the following rewards.

For completing the task for Francis you will receive the following items:

  • Kentucky Bourbon.
  • $10.00.
  • Rock Statue.

Meeting Francis Sinclair at the Cabin

He's Beend Dead for 1 Year

The cutscene you see is very interesting. Pay close attention!

After you’ve received these rewards, wait another 24 hours to get another piece of mail for Sinclair called “Invitation from Francis Sinclair.” In this invitation Sinclair asks you to come back to the cabin you first met him at suring the start of the quest. Go to the cabin to trigger a cutscene and the end of the Rock Carving questline. While there is a ton to unpack during the cutscene here, I will just point you to this good reddit discussion about what it all could mean.

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