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River Raids are a game mode players can take part in while playing Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. This game mode tasks players with visiting new areas that feature new locations to raid for resources, armor, and weapons. When a player first visits one of these locations their map is covered with a fog of war. To help get you more acquainted with the areas consult the locations names and full River Raid maps below.

River Exe Map

The River of Exe is one of the first maps you will gain access to in the River Raid game mode. This map features a total of 15 locations to explore. The locations are as follows:

  1. Exe Blockade.
  2. Keats Farm.
  3. Small Camp
  4. Twynam Farm.
  5. Small Camp.
  6. Eastern Fortification.
  7. Small Camp.
  8. Yeardley Farm.
  9. Western Fortification.
  10. Escanceaster Monastery (River map clue).
  11. Village of Simonsbatch.
  12. Small Camp.
  13. Small Camp.
  14. Village of Dumonia.
  15. Fortress on the Exe.

Besides the listed collectibles above this location is home to two pieces of St. George armor. This St. George armor guide shows you where you can find those two pieces.

River Severn Map

Image showing the River of Severn Map.

The second map you have access to at the start of the River Raid game mode is the River of Severn. This map is slightly larger than the River of Exe and it features a Book of Knowledge to find. On this map there are a total of 18 locations you can visit and raid. The locations hold different rewards. The list of these locations is:

  1. Eastern Fortification.
  2. Fishing Docks.
  3. Small Camp.
  4. Llandiloes.
  5. Island Camp.
  6. Wyther Farm.
  7. Smithe Homestead.
  8. Small Camp.
  9. Severn Blockade.
  10. Island Monastery (Book of Knowledge).
  11. Lowlands Camp.
  12. Caersws.
  13. Small Camp.
  14. Lewin Homestead.
  15. Small Camp.
  16. Severn Outpost.
  17. Small Camp.
  18. Northern Monastery (River map clue).

Besides the listed collectibles above this location is home to two pieces of St. George armor. This St. George armor guide shows you where you can find those two pieces.

River Dee Map

Image showing the River Dee Map in AC Valhalla.

The River Dee map can be unlocked by finding the two clues that are part of The Legacy of Saint George quest given to you by Vagn. Once both clues are acquired Vagn will open up this third map for you to explore. This map is a long river that features a number of tough enemies. It also houses a boss fight in the final keep area. This boss fight rewards players with the The Sword of Saint George. The locations on this map are as follows:

  1. Small Camp.
  2. Rhuabon Village.
  3. Staging Camp.
  4. Hillview Outpost.
  5. Forward Camp.
  6. Cliffside Monastery (Book of Knowledge).
  7. Crowder’s Hut.
  8. Farnham.
  9. Bunce Hideaway.
  10. Small Camp.
  11. Erbistock.
  12. Fry’s Island.
  13. Small Camp.
  14. Logging Camp.
  15. Deebury.
  16. Riverside Monastery (Book of Knowledge).
  17. Goodwinlee.
  18. Deva Victrix (Sword of Saint George).

River Berbha Map

Image showing the River Berhba map in AC Valhalla.

Added in Update 1.3.1 the first new River Raid map is called River Barbha. This map is fairly small and contains a few locations of note. The different locations features items to find along with Foreign Supplies. It contains two pieces of the new armor set and a new ability.

  1. Bone Hollow.
  2. Small Camp.
  3. Tinnachin Settlement.
  4. Port Lairge (Armor Piece).
  5. Greenbarrow Homestead.
  6. Fern Crest Farm.
  7. Festering Valley (Ability).
  8. Berbha Fortification (Armor Piece).
  9. River Front Homestead.
  10. Fetid Bog.
  11. Small Camp.
  12. Wicker Grove.

River Errhiff Map

The second of the Update 1.3.1 River Raid maps is River Errhiff. This map is unlocked after you find the clue in the Wicker Grove in River Berbha. Once you have this clue Vagn unlocks the map for you. Like other River Raids there are a variety of items for players to find, armor pieces to get, and a boss to fight.

  1. Aasleagh Fort (Armor Piece).
  2. Bog Rot.
  3. Derryulra (Armor Piece).
  4. The Farmyard.
  5. Harbor Village.
  6. Small Camp.
  7. Stag’s End (Ability).
  8. Padraig Homestead.
  9. Erriff Farm.
  10. Wolf’s Horn.
  11. Killary Camp (Armor Piece).
  12. Erriff Blockade.
  13. Glenncally Fortress (Lugh’s Spear).

River Rhine Map

Image showing the River Rhine map in AC Valhalla.

The final River Raid map you will unlock in the 1.3.1 update is the River Rhine. After you acquire Lugh’s Spear you will get this map from Vagn. This map is much smaller than the previous two with only a handful of locations and items to collect.

  1. Rhine Fortification.
  2. Fort Ehrenfels.
  3. Fortified Ruins.
  4. Neufeld Homestead.
  5. Rheinberg.
  6. Katzenelnbogen.
  7. Wulfram Settlement.
  8. Ferrieres (Ability + Ulfberht Sword).

That’s all the maps currently available in the River Raid game mode. There is room for more maps to be added as Ubisoft updates the game. Completing everything on these maps nets you a new weapon, armor set, and three new abilities.

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