Dee Book of Knowledge Locations – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

In the River Raid game mode in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Ubisoft has added a number of new additions including new abilities. These abilities come from Books of Knowledge that are located across the different River Raid maps. The second map you will encounter that has two Books of Knowledge is Dee. Use our Dee Book of Knowledge locations guide below to find this new ability.

Dee Book of Knowledge Map Locations

There are two Books of Knowledge for players to collect on the River Dee map in the River Raid mode. These Books of Knowledge contain two new abilities that have been added to the game. Both of these books can be found in the two monasteries on the River Dee map. There are more details on each location below.

Where to Get the Battlecry Ability

The first ability you can grab is the Battlecry ability. This ability can be located in a small underground room in the Cliffside Monastery. This room is accessible by going south of the grate and off the ledge to the ground below. Here you will find some scaffolding. Go under the scaffolding shown in the picture above. Once you are under the scaffolding head through the hole in the wall to get to a stand with the Book of Knowledge on it.

Ability Description (melee): In a fit of rage, Eivor lets out a blood curdling scream, gaining strength and causing enemies around to stumble backwards in fear, interrupting their attacks.

Where to Get the Berserker Trap

Make your way to the Riverside Monastery in the northeast corner of the map. Here you will a large monastery on a hill. Go to the eastside of the monastery to the pit there. Go into the pit and go through the hole in the wall leading beneath the monastery. Pass through the crypt and unbar the door. Go into the next room to find the Book of Knowledge on a stand. Take it.

Ability Description (Ranged): Attaches a trap to your arrow that spreads hallucinatory powder. Any nearby movement causes the trap to trigger. Surprise clueless passersby.

That’s all you need to know to get the two ability available from the River Dee map in the River Raid. These two abilities are part of three that were added in the River Raids game mode. The other ability is located on the River Severn map.

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