Update 1.3.1 Abilities River Raid Guide Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

The 1.3.1 update for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has added three new River Raids for players to complete. These River Raids contain new locations, new items, and even new abilities to unlock. There are three new abilities players can find across the three River Raid maps. To learn where they are see our update 1.3.1 abilities River Raid guide below.

River Berbha Ability Location

The first River Raid is the River Berbha. To find the ability on this map make your way to the location named Festering Valley. In this location there is a red door in the mountain that requires a Jomsviking to open. Open the door and head into the cave until you reach the end. Here you will find the ability called Percussion Arrow on a pedestal.

River Errhiff Ability Location

The second River Raid you unlock is the River Errhiff. This River Raid contains an ability for players to unlock called Precisions Axe Throw. To find this ability go to Stag’s End. In the druid camp is a red door. Open the door then enter the cave system. At the end of the cave system is the pedestal with the Book of Knowledge on it.

River Rhine Ability Location

The final River Raid from Update 1.3.1 is the River Rhine. This map is fairly small and only contains one ability and two weapons/gear pieces to find. The ability we are looking for is located in the monastery in Ferrieres. The monastery is located at the very top of the hill. Once you reach the building climb into the tower to find the Book of Knowledge for the Spinning Harpoon.

These are the abilities that were added in Update 1.3.1 of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Alongside the abilities there is a new armor set for players to unlock called the Lugh’s set.

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