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Upon completion of The Legacy of Saint George you will unlock the River Dee. This River is home to a special quest called The Sword of Saint George. This quest, given to you by Vagn, tasks you with defeating a champion to attain the sword once belong to Saint George. To help you complete this weapon quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla use our The Sword of Saint George guide below.

Sail to Deva Victrix Keep

Before embarking on this River Raid ensure you have a full squad of vikings with you to make the raid easier. Once you have your party assembled make your way to the River Dee map. From the spawn you need to sail the entire length of the river to reach the Deva Victrix keep at the end. When you reach the location shown on the map above commence a raid.

Find and Defeat the Champion

To get Saint George’s Holy Sword you need to fight your way through Deva Victrix so you reach the keep at the end. This is a fairly long and difficult sequence to complete as there are a ton of strong enemies here. When you do manage to reach the keep you need to climb up the wall and shoot down the bridge so your raiding party can join you.

When ready head into the keep to trigger the fight with the Champion. Upon entering the building a cutscene will play. After this cutscene you will be in a boss fight with the Champion. Defeat this enemy (then confirm kill) to complete The Sword of Saint George quest and receive Saint George’s Holy Sword.

Saint George’s Holy Sword

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Saint George’s Holy Sword is a Superior Great Sword players earn from defeating the Champion in the River Dee River Raid. This weapon is two-handed and features a passive ability that sees heavy critical hits knock enemies on the ground. This weapon is part of the broader Saint George’s set you can earn by completing various quest during River Raids.

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