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In Resident Evil Village you can hunt specific animals to get ingredients from them. One of the animals you can hunt is fish. Fish drop the fish ingredient you can use in The Duke’s Kitchen. To get all of the fish in the game you need to find them in various locations and times. To help you use our Resident Evil Village fish locations guide below.

Where to Find All Fish Spots

To make this process as simple as possible I recommend using the video above by Game Guides Channel. This video does a good job of laying out each of the 6 fishing spots in the game. In total you can get 11 pieces of Fish during a story playthrough. The text locations of the spots are as follows:

  1. After Leaving Castle Dimitrescu enter the closed doors to the southwest of the save point shack to find a cave system that has water with three fish inside it. Is missable.
  2. There are three fish inside the pond next to the bridge leading to the Mines.
  3. Reservoir side cave after first boat ride section. Pond contains three fish. Is missable.
  4. Next to broken Wind Mill in the Reservoir where you get the boat using Boat Keys. Must have drained water to reach. Go here before leaving area using the elevator. Fishing spot contains four fish. Is missable.
  5. Pond at very end south end of river from Castle Dimitrecu. Contains two fish and Finest Fish.
  6. Inside Otto’s Mill you will find one Fish in the meat processing area.

These six locations are all areas you can find fish in Resident Evil Village. If you missed a location you can return to it if you have an earlier save or by replaying the game in New Game+. See more guides like this one in our Resident Evil Village hub section.

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