Resident Evil Village Juicy Game, Finest Fish, and Quality Meat Locations

To upgrade Ethan in Resident Evil Village you can have Duke create special dishes. These special dishes improve things like maximum health, defense while blocking, and speed. To create these dishes you need to acquires ingredients from hunting animals. There are three ingredients that are rare. To help you find these three see how to get the Resident Evil Village Juicy Game, Finest Fish, and Quality Meat ingredients below.

Where to Find Juicy Game

Juicy Game is one of the rare ingredients you need to find for Duke. This ingredient comes from a special bird in the Village Graveyard. The bird sits on the branch on the tree to the left of the Maiden/Demon gate you passed through to reach the Mines. Shoot the blue bird off its branch and grab the Juicy Game it drops. Giving this ingredient and 4x Poultry and 3x Meat to Duke allows you to make Tochitura de Pui. This dish permanently increases Ethan’s health greatly.

Where to Find Finest Fish

Finest Fish is another rare ingredient you can acquire by killing a specific animal. In the case of this ingredient you need to find a big orange/yellow fish. This rare fish is located at the southern end of the Mountain Stream that runs from Castle Dimitrescu down the map. To reach this location you need to have the Crank item. This allows you to lower the bridge leading to a boat along the Lone Road.

Once you are in the boat ride it down the river until it ends. Get out of the boat and walk to the small wading pool to the west. Here you will find fish including the rare fish. Kill the rare fish to get the Finest Fish ingredient. Using this ingredient with 6x Fish allows you to create the Sarmale de Peste dish. This dish permanently increases Ethan’s movement speed.

Where to Find Quality Meat

Quality Meat is the final rare ingredient you will need to find. This ingredient comes from a special white pig. This white pig spawns in behind Elena’s House in the Fallow Plot area of the Village. Head to her house and look out the back window to see it grazing there. Shoot the pig and grab the quality meat it drops. Take this ingredient back to Duke and give him 1x Fish and 5x Meat to make the Ciorb de Porc dish. This dish greatly increase defense when blocking.

Follow the guide above to find the Juicy Game, Finest Fish, and Quality Meat ingredients in Resident Evil Village. These ingredients allow you to make the best dishes that The Duke’s Kitchen has to offer.

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