Resident Evil 4 Remake Demo Mad Chainsaw Mode

Resident Evil 4 Remake Demo Mad Chainsaw Mode.

The Resident Evil 4 Remake demo is finally out and players everywhere are diving into the iconic horror experience. While many players will play the demo, they may not actually find a secret mode that is hidden in it. This mode is aptly called Chainsaw Mode and unlocking it is fairly secretive. To learn more see our Resident Evil 4 Remake demo Mad Chainsaw mode guide below.

How to Unlock Mad Chainsaw Mode

The first question you may have asked yourself while playing the demo is whether there is a hard mode. The answer to that question is, yes, yes there is. The hard mode in the demo is Mad Chainsaw Mode. While you may think hard mode is locked behind completing a certain thing in the demo, the reality is that there are two less than obvious unlock methods to use:

1 – RNG: The first method is purely RNG based. To unlock Mad Chainsaw Mode you simply need to restart your runs until you receive the prompt shown in the screenshot above when you start a New Game. If you don’t get the prompt when you start the game, exit out and start a new one.

2 – Input: There is a way to permanently unlock Mad Chainsaw Mode by inputting a specific button combination on the Start Screen. This button combination varies based on what platform you are on. The video links below help explain what they are:

Mad Chainsaw Mode is a higher difficult game mode for players to use. When this mode is active enemies become faster and harder to kill. Additionally the Village Chainsaw Man is replaced by a Super Salvador instead.

Is there Rewards for Completing Mad Chainsaw Mode

Now that you know that there is a harder mode to play in the demo, you may be wondering if it is worth trying to beat it. The answer to that question is that it depends. If you are expecting there to be a great reward for completing this mode, there isn’t one. Completing this mode does get you bonus ptas (so you score more overall points) and is a good test of your Resident Evil skills, but that’s it. Good luck!

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