Resident Evil 4 Remake Baby Eagle is Missing Guide

Resident Evil 4 Remake Baby Eagle is Missing.

We are only a few weeks away from the release of the highly anticipated Resident Evil 4 Remake and the hype machine is building. Earlier today a website went live that is a fun little ARG (Alternate Reality Game) game players can take part in. This ARG requires finding clues and solving some simple puzzles. To help you complete the ARG event see our Resident Evil 4 Remake Baby Eagle is Missing guide below.

Baby Eagle is Missing Puzzle Solutions

To take part in this game make your way over to the Baby Eagle is Missing website hosted by Capcom. This website features a bunch of additionally content that should help to stock your interest in the upcoming March 24th release of the Resident Evil 4 Remake.

While you are exploring this webpage you will come up across a few puzzles for you to solve. These puzzles are involve answers or solutions from within game’s universe or the webpage itself. To solve a puzzle simply input the correct solutions into the chat box on the main terminal.

Puzzle 1: Jayhawk Location Solution

The first puzzle you will encounter tasks you with reading and viewing evidence from an accident that lead to the abduction of girl codenamed Jayhawk. During this sequence simply read and observe the evidence to gain a little background on what happened.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Incident Witness Transcript PDF solution.
Harrison Airfield solution.

After the four clues have been observed you put pieces together to restore the Incident Witness Transcript PDF. Follow the lines and the words to know where to place each of the pieces. You will end up with the screenshot shown above.

The information we want from this clue is the Harrison Airfield location in the right corner of the paperwork. Go back to the main terminal and push the Write a Comment button. Input Harrison Airfield the chat box and push send to proceed to the next puzzle.

Puzzle 2: Harrison Airfield Cellphone Passcode Solution

Inputting Harrison Airfield brings up a new puzzle for players to solve. This puzzle tasks you with looking at two pieces of evidence: a forensic photo of a hand and a cellphone that can be hacked. To solve this puzzle we need to find the passcode to open the cellphone.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Baby Eagle cellphone passcode puzzle solution.
The passcode solution.

Start by looking at the picture of the hand if you notice on the picture there are a few possible solutions, but only one is correct. On the wrist you will see 0 CRED. This is the solution we want. Take the solution and go to the cellphone.

Since this is a cellphone you will need to switch 0 Cred into a number sequence you would input on the phone. That sequence is 09325. Input the code into the phone and then input the code into the chat box and push send to complete the puzzle.

Puzzle 3: Name of the House Solution

Resident Evil 4 Remake Baby Eagle house name puzzle solution.
The phone features pictures with words that spell the name of the house.

The next puzzle you need to solve tasks you with learning the name of a certain manor. This name flashes on the screen of the cellphone. To learn the name you need to pause the screen as it flashes. The name you will find in the pictures the words Burndown Manor. Input Burndown Manor into the terminal and push send to complete the puzzle.

Puzzle 4: Database Connections Solution

Resident Evil 4 Remake Baby Eagle database connection solution.
Select all 9 squares then verify connection to learn the leader is Atlas Rutger.

Following learning the name of the manor you will need to solve a database puzzle. This database puzzle tasks you with creating relationships between a group of 9 persons of interest. The answer to this part is the man named Atlas Ruger. Input Atlas Ruger into the terminal and push send to complete the puzzle.

Puzzle 5: Find the Hidden Anomaly Solution

Resident Evil 4 Remake Baby Eagle find the hidden anomaly solution.

After you’ve learned about Atlas Ruger and the team has raided the house you will get a new puzzle to solve. This puzzle tasks you with finding any anomalies in the house. The anomaly we are looking for is Zetroc’s Hideaway in the bottom right corner. Use the Thermal and Chemical Scan and then hover/click the bottom right room to reveal the tunnel. Input Zetrocs Hideaway (no apostrophe) into the chat to solve this puzzle.

Puzzle 6: Open the Locked Gates Solution

The agents and their team head down into the tunnel. Soon they are trapped and you need to help them by opening three locked gates. To do this you have to turn three valves in a correct order. The correct valve order from its reset state is:

  1. Left.
  2. Right.
  3. Middle.
  4. Right.
  5. Right.

This will unlock the sewers and will reveal a message to you. That message is TUNNEL 7. Input TUNNEL 7 into the chat box and hit send to solve this puzzle.

Puzzle 7: Match the Ballistic Evidence Solution

Out of the cave the agents and their team reach the Dock. Here they find the body of a man who has been killed. To advance the story the agents ask you to do an autopsy. To complete the autopsy you need to match a weapon with its proper ammunition. The weapon used was the Compact Handgun with the Subsonic Round. Select this to receive the Inside Job phrase. Input Inside Job into the chat to advance to the next puzzle.

Puzzle 8: Interrogate the Mole Solution

The weapon you find is used by Secret Service. This means there is a mole inside of the operation. To determine who the mole is you need to solve a puzzle where you interrogate three agents: Hopper, Greene, and Velez. Talk to both Hopper and Velez. Pick options that lead to Greene. Once you’ve done that talk to Greene. You will then need to choose who the mole is. The mole is Greene. He tells you about the ship called Madiana. Input Madiana into the chat to solve this puzzle.

Puzzle 9: Crack the Combo

Resident Evil 4 Remake Baby Eagle is Missing crack the combo solution.
The combination is Ruger’s birth year.

At the dock the team of agents come across a locked container. They believe this is the entrance to Ruger’s safe house. To progress the mission you need to crack the lock by inputting a special four-number combination. The answer to the combination lock is Ruger’s birth year 1975. Input 1975 into the chat to solve the puzzle.

Puzzle 10: Decipher the Message

The agents use your code to breach the container. Inside they find Ruger who kills himself. On Ruger is a note containing symbols. To solve this players need to decipher the code using a Pig-Pen Cipher. The note says:


Type in the code as it is written above. You will get a response that says to watch the Capcom Spotlight stream today at 2:30 PM PT. During the livestream the demo for the game was officially released.

This demo is available on Xbox, PlayStation, and through Steam. Simply visit the store and download it play it. There is no time limit on it, so enjoy. There is also a hidden difficulty called Mad Chainsaw Mode and hidden weapon you can unlock. Additionally there is one final puzzle to complete using the demo.

Puzzle 11: Hidden Word in the Demo

Resident Evil 4 Remake word in demo puzzle.
The Crude Charm holds the answer.

To find the hidden word in the demo make your way forward into the first house at the beginning. Enter the first room on your right and pick up the Crude Charm. On the wiring on the back you will see a word: Juicio. Input Jucio into the text chat and input it to solve this puzzle. You are then asked to join an mail list.

Baby Eagle is Missing Reward

Baby Eagle is missing reward Presidential Certificate of Valor.
The ARG Reward.

If you are wondering what the rewards are from the Baby Eagle is Missing ARG, the answer is a certificate. Once you complete the entire puzzle and give them your email you receive a message with a Presidential Certificate of Valor in it (shown above). Additionally you are entered for a chance to win a RE4 Collector’s Edition prize.

The ARG isn’t the only reason to play the demo. There are a few secrets hidden in the demo that players might wish to unlock before the final version is released. See all the secrets in the Resident Evil 4 Remake demo here. Also check out the game’s achievements

Thoughts on our Resident Evil 4 Remake Baby Eagle is Missing guide? Found any secrets? Drop them in the comments below.



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