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In Resident Evil 3 there are a number of puzzles players can complete as they play-through the game. These puzzles unlock better loot and upgrades for your character. Many of these puzzles are worthwhile to complete and the Clock Tower Monument is no exception. To solve this puzzle you need to collect three jewels: Green, Red, and Blue. To help you complete this puzzle use the Clock Tower Monument guide below.

Where to Find the Red Jewel

Image showing the location of the Red Jewel in Resident Evil 3.

The first jewel can be found inside the Donut Shop kitchen in the Downtown area. This kitchen area features a typewriter, herbs, and a Fancy Box. Pick up the Fancy Box to add it to your inventory. From your inventory inspect the Fancy Box to get the Red Jewel.

Where to Find the Blue Jewel

Image showing where to find the Blue Jewel in Resident Evil 3.

The second jewel you can acquire can be found in the Supermarket opposite the Toy Uncle in the Downtown area. This supermarket becomes accessible after you’ve acquired the Bolt Cutters. Once you have the Bolt Cutters you can cut the chain on the Supermarket door and enter it. Inside the Supermarket you will find the Fancy Box on the counter as soon as you enter the store. Inside this box you will find the Blue Jewel.

Where to Find the Green Jewel

Image showing where to find the Green Jewel in Resident Evil 3.

The final jewel can be found inside the Uncle Toy store in the Downtown area after you’ve acquired the Lockpick. Once you have the Lock Pick you can open the locked front door. Inside the toy store you will find the Fancy Box containing the Green Jewel to your left on the counter there.

What to Do With the Jewels

Once you have the three jewels listed above make your way back to the Subway. Inside the Subway the room just before the shutter leading outside contains a Clock Tower Commemoration display. Approach this display and interact with it to place the jewels. The rewards for placing each jewel are:

  • 1x Jewel: Hand Grenade.
  • 2x Jewel: Tactical Stock (Shotgun).
  • 3x Jewel: Hip Pouch.

When all three stones are placed you will unlock the above rewards as well as the Power Stones trophy/achievement. Overall this quest line is worth the effort as it unlocks a few useful unlocks for your play-through.

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