Resident Evil 3: Where to Get the Lock Pick

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As you travel through Resident Evil 3 you will collect a number of tools which help you access a number of areas previously inaccessible. One tool you will find as you make your way through the Resident Evil 3 story is the Lock Pick. This tool allows you to open padlocked doors. To help you get this tool use our where to get the Lock Pick guide below.

How to Get the Lock Pick in Resident Evil 3

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Advance the story until you reach the Garage. Inside the Garage will get the Bolt Cutters which lets you open the door in the Garage the leads to the Subway Power Substation. Head to the Subway Power Substation and make your way through it until you reach the outdoor area with fenced area and the High Voltage sign. Head to the left of this sign to reach a body slumped in the corner. On this body you will find a box. Loot the box and inspect it. Rotate it so you can open the box. When the box is opened you will receive the Lock Pick.

With the Lock Pick in your inventory you can open yellow padlocked doors throughout the various areas of the game. These area contain loot and secrets for players to discover which are quite helpful.

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