Remnant From the Ashes Boss List

Image showing The Ent boss.

Remnant From the Ashes tasks players with exploring a destroyed city in the hopes of finding answers. As you traverse the destroyed city you will come across various enemies including bosses. Below is our Remnant From the Ashes boss list. Note: Guide is Updating. Also note you will not see every boss on this list in a single run.

DLC Bosses Lists:

Earth Bosses

Earth is the first area you get to explore in Remnants: From the Ashes. It isn’t a large area, but there are a handful of potential bosses for you to encounter.

Shroud (The Hidden Sanctum > The Tainted well)

Image of the Shroud boss in Remnant: From the Ashes.

Shroud is one of the first possible bosses you can encounter in Remnant From the Ashes. This boss spawns in The Tainted Well area of The Hidden Sanctum. When facing Shroud it is a good idea to have a health amount of Bandages on hand since Shroud can inflict the Bleed status effect on you.

  • Normal Kill: Drops Shadewood which can be turned into Rattle Weed mod.

Gorefist (Sunken Passage > The Grinder)

Image showing Gorefist.

Gorefist is another first boss you may encounter on Earth. This boss wields a large sword and can deal some serious damage to you if you aren’t careful.

  • Normal Kill: drops item Flesh Barb which can be turned into Mantle of Thorns mod.

Brabus (Cutthroat Channel > The Depot)

Image showing Barabus.

Barabus is a boss you will find on Earth. This boss is a bandit leader that resides in The Depot area at the end of Cuttthroat Channel. There is a boss fight associated with this NPC.

  • Normal Kill: Drops item Shrapnel Shard which can be turned into Explosive Shot mod.
  • Alternative: Give Pocket Watch from Mud Tooth to avoid boss fight and get Bandit Armor.

The Mangler (The Tangled Pass > The Artery)

Image showing The Mangler.

The Mangler is a boss that can be found in The Artery area at the end of The Tangled Pass dungeon on Earth. This Root boss flies around the arena rather quickly. Halfway through the battle it will grow bigger and become more aggressive. Good luck!

  • Normal Kill: Drops item Hollow Seed which can be turned into Seed Caller mod.

Riphide (Research Area Alpha > The Cursed Station)

Image showing Riphide.

Riphide is a new additional boss that has been added to Earth via the update on September 19th. This update delivered a new possible dungeon featuring two areas: Research Area Alpha and The Cursed Station. In The Cursed Station you will find the new boss Riphide who can essentially split itself into multiple enemies.

The Ent (The Choking Hollow)

Image of The Ent boss.

Boss Achievement: The Bigger They Are…

The Ent is a large boss that can be found in The Choking Hollow area. The Ent is capable of causing the Infected status effect so you will want to have Oilskin Tonic on hand to negate its effect.

  • Normal Kill: Kill The Ent without destroying legs to receive the Spore Gland. This can be turned into Sporebloom long gun.
  • Alternative Kill: Destroy The Ent’s legs then kill it to get the Twisted Heart which can be turned into Petrified Maul melee weapon.

Singe (The Ash Yard)

Image showing Singe.

Boss Achievement: Fire in the Sky

The other end world Earth boss you may face is Singe. Singe is a large dragon that deals Burning damage. You will want to come into this fight prepared so you don’t burn alive.

  • Normal Kill: Kill Singe without breaking tail to get the Blazing Heart which can be turned into the Spitfire handgun.
  • Alternative Kill: Destroy Singe’s tail then kill to get the Dragon Links which can be turned into Smolder.

Rohm Bosses

Rohm is the second planet you will visit on your Remnant: From the Ashes playthrough. This planet is largely sand and features a number of dungeons to explore. Below are the Rohm bosses you may encounter.

Shatter and Shade (The Ardent Temple > Hall of Faithful)

Shatter and Shade

Shatter and Shade a a duo boss fight you can face in the Hall of Faithful on Rhom. This boss fight challenges you with fighting two enemies at once. It can be pretty tough.

  • Normal Kill: Kill these bosses to receive the Black Tear which can be turned into the Veil of Black Tear mod.

Houndmaster and Maul (The Burrow > The Stalker’s Den)

Image of the Houndmaster.

On Rhom there is an area called The Stalker’s Den. In this area there are a number of Stalkers and an NPC. You can sit and speak to the NPC and purchase Houndmaster’s Jerky from him. Once you are ready you can fire on the pack (or return later) and trigger a boss fight with Maul and the Houndmaster.

  • Normal Kill: Kill Maul to receive the Hound Choker which can be turned into the Howler’s Immunity mod.
  • Alternative Kill: Target the Houndmaster’s head and knock the Control Rod out to trigger Maul to attack him. Clean up the remaining enemies to receive the Control Rod. The Control Rod can be used to summon another boss.

Ancient Construct (Wasteland Merchant)

Image showing the Ancient Construct.

Outfront of the Wasteland Merchant’s shop is a broken machine. If you interact with the machine with the Control Rod the machine comes to life, triggering a boss fight with an Ancient Construct.

  • Normal Kill: Kill the Ancient Construct to receive the Ancient Core which can be turned into the Iron Sentinel mod.

Scourge (The Iron Rift > The Hive)

Image showing the Scourge boss in The Hive.

You will find the Scourge boss in The Hive which is located in a dungeon of The Scouring Waste. Scourge utilizes the Radiation status effect to its advantage. To nullify this effect you will want to stock u on Heavy Water Elixir.

  • Normal Kill: Kill Scourge to receive the Radioactive Skull which can be turned into the Breath of the Desert mod.

Raze (Shackled Canyon > Lair of the Eyeless)

Image of Raze.

On Rohm the area known as the Lair of the Eyeless houses a boss called Raze. This boss is a giant flying Root that fires projectiles while it flies about. Joining Raze is a number of Skull adds. Fun.

  • Normal Kill: Kill Raze to receive the Sentinel Shard which can be turned into the Beckon mod.

The Harrow (Unnamed > The Bunker)

Image showing The Harrow.

The Harrow is another world boss you can potentially face off against on Rohm. This boss can deal the Irradiated status effect onto players.

  • Normal Kill: Kill Harrow to receive the Thermal Geode which can be turned into the Defiler.

Claviger (Loom of the Black Sun > The Spindle)

Image of Claviger in The Spindle.

Boss Achievement: The Keymaster

As you venture through The Scouring Waste you may reach an area called The Spindle. Inside The Spindle you will find an end world boss named Claviger. Claviger is a giant Root that you fight on a circular platform. Like Scourge, Claviger uses the Radiation status effect so have Heavy Water Elixir at the ready.

  • Normal Kill: Defeat Claviger before it has time to absorb its adds to receive the Void Silver which can be turned into the Particle Accelerator.
  • Alternative Kill: Let Claviger absorb its adds then kill it. You will earn the Stone of the Guardian which can be turned into the World Breaker.

Undying King (Hall of Undying)

Image of the Undying King boss fight start.

Boss Achievements: Death Warmed Over (Meet), Undying, Eh? (Defeat)

The Undying King is the main reason we visit Rhom. This NPC wants you to get the Guardian’s Heart for him. If you refuse his request or give the Guardian’s Heart to someone else, you will face the Undying King in a boss battle. During the fight after you’ve killed the Undying King, he will regenerate about half his health for a second phase.

  • Return Heart: Give the Guardian’s Heart to the Undying King to receive Riven.
  • Kill Undying King: Refuse to give the heart to the Undying King then kill him to receive the Ruin weapon.

Corsus Bosses

Corsus is an optional planet you can visit in Remnant: From the Ashes (depending on how you approach Undying King). This planet is swamp and corrosion focused. On this planet you goal is to retrieve the Guardian’s Heart. As you make your way to the final boss you will face off against a number of bosses.

The Unclean One (The Shack)

Image of The Unclean One.

The next boss you will fight is found in the Swamp area known as Corsus. You will arrive at a lone shack with The Unclean One boss fight inside.

  • Normal Kill: Defeat The unclean one to receive the Unclean Heart which can be turned into the Devastator long gun.

Canker (The Drowned Trench > Mire Hollow)

Image of Canker.

Canker is another boss you will find on Corsus. This large boss deals the Corrosion status effect. It also runs around the arena wildly at times.

  • Normal Kill: Defeat Canker to receive the Slime Vessel which can be turned into the Corrosive Aura mod.

The Thrall (The Capillary > Musk Forge)

Image showing The Thrall boss in the Musk Forge.

The Thrall boss can be found in the Musk Forge area of Corsus. This boss likes to apply the Corrosion status so be ready for it!

  • Normal Kill: Defat The Thrall to earn the Swarm Tusk which can be turned into the Swarm mod.

IXILLUS (The Grotto)

Image showing IXILLIS in The Grotto.

Boss Achievement: Butterfly Effect.

The Beast on Crosus is actually a giant insect named IXILLUS. This fight rewards you with the key item called the Guardian’s Heart (which can be given to different people for rewards). Keep in mind during this fight about halfway through you will face off against two IXILLUS on a narrow bridge. Plan accordingly for the fight.

  • Normal Kill: Defeat IXILLUS to receive the Hive Stone which can be turned into the Hive Cannon handgun.
  • Alternative Kill: Kill both IXILLUS around the same time. This earns you the Guardian Tentacle which can be made into the Guardian Axe.

Yaesha Bosses

Yaesha is the final world you will visit in Remnant: From the Ashes. This luscious jungle planet is home to the Founder who is the person we need to find to finish the game. As you search for the Founder you will run up against some bosses. Here they are.

Onslaught (Widow’s Pass > Noble’s Rest)

Image of Onslaught.

Onslaught is a possible minor boss you may face off against on Yaesha. This minor boss warps around the arena while shooting a number of projectiles.

  • Normal Kill: Defeat to earn the Blind Spear Shard which can be turned into the Blink Token mod.

Scald and Sear (Withering Village > Warden’s Pulpit)

Located in the Warden’s Pulpit area of Yaesha is the next boss which is a duo of a dragon and a flaming crossbow wielder. These enemies inflict the Burn status effect.

  • Normal Kill: Defeat to earn the Zephyr’s Conduit which can be turned into the Wildfire Shot mod.

The Warden (The Halls of Judgement > The Ring of Trials)

Image of The Warden boss.

You will find The Warden boss in The Ring of Trials area. This boss likes to throw electric spears with bells on top of them, because why not?

  • Normal Kill: Defeat The Warden to earn the Kin Callers Bell which can be turned into the Song of Swords mod.

Stormcaller (Heretic’s Nest > Martyr’s Garden)

Image of the Stormcaller boss.

Stormcaller is another potential boss you can face on Yaesha. You will face this boss in the Martyr’s Garden. As the name suggests, Stormcaller likes to use electricity.

  • Normal Kill: Defeat the Stormcaller to earn the Storm Crystal which can be turned in for the Storm Caller mod.

Totem Father (The Tempest Court)

Image showing the Totem Father.

Boss Achievement: Watch the Totems!

The Totem Father is a possible world boss you will face at the end of your Yaesha journey. This boss utilizes electricity as its major form of damage. Watch out for its jumping slam attack.

  • Normal Kill: Defeat the Totem Father to earn the Totem Antler which can be turned in for the Eye of the Storm long gun.
  • Alternative Kill: Before entering the boss fight there is a totem you can shoot to appear Red or Blue. Red gives you the Tempest Heartstring which can be turned into the Voice of the Tempest melee weapon.

The Ravager (The Ravager’s Haunt)

Image of The Ravager boss.

Boss Achievement: Wolf of the Woods.

The Ravager is a large wolf like creature that resides in the The Ravager’s Haunt. When you first enter the boss arena you will notice that nothing happens. Head to the left side of the arena and you will find a cave with The Ravager inside. Shoot it to get the fight underway.

  • Normal Kill: Defeat The Ravager to earn the Tentacle Pod which can be turned into the Curse of the Jungle God handgun.

Ward 13 Boss

Once you’ve reached the Founder he will give you a key to reach the final boss, Dreamer and Nightmare. This final boss fight is found in Ward 17 which is accessible through the B3 are of Ward 13.

Dreamer & Nightmare (Ward 17)

Image of the Dreamer boss.

The final boss in Remnant: From the Ashes is Dreamer & Nightmare. This two part fight takes place in Ward 17 which is accessible through the mirror in the Research Lab area of Ward 13. During the first phase of this fight you will fight Dreamer. After you defeat Dreamer he will turn into Nightmare. During the Nightmare phase you will be teleported to a nightmare world where you need to get stacks via killing enemies to bring back to the present. Do this a couple of times and Nightmare will fall.

Normal Kill: Defeat the Dreamer & Nightmare to receive the Dreamer’s Mana which can be turned into the Repulsor long gun.

What do you think of the bosses in Remnant: From the Ashes? Any you love? Any you hate? Let me hear all about your feelings in The Pit below.



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