Remnant 2 Early Access Details

Remnant 2 screenshot.

Remnant 2 officially release across various platforms on July 25. With that being said, there is an early access period available for players that purchased the Ultimate Edition of the game that starts on July 21.This early access period allows players to play the game, in its entirety, 3 days early. If you want to know more about the Remnant 2 Early Access start time and date, see our guide below.

How to Get Remnant 2 Early Access

Remnant 2 Edition Content Infographic.
Remnant 2 editions content. Infographic via Gunfire Games.

Being able to play Remnant 2 early is a bonus included in the game’s Ultimate Edition. The Ultimate Edition is the most costly version of the game and it comes with a slew of items including the ability to play Remnant 2 “three days early.” The Early Access period begins on July 21or 22 depending on where you are located in the world. Early Access is available to PC, Xbox, and PlayStation players.

Remnant 2 Early Access Start Dates and Times

Because of pesky time zones the officially date that Remnant 2 Early Access begins is July 21 and 22. Depending on your time zone you will either gain access on July 21 or 22. The time (across different time zones) that the game will be live are:

  • CDT: 6pm on July 21.
  • EDT: 7pm on July 21.
  • BST: 12am on July 22.
  • CEST: 1am on July 22.
  • HKT: 7am on July 22.
  • JST: 8am on July 22.
  • AEST: 9am on July 22.
  • NZST: 11am on July 22.

To be sure you are ready to play at the times listed above you can preload the game. Remnant 2 is 80 GB in size, so it is a fairly large game that may take a bit to download. Once you’ve preloaded/downloaded the game you will be able to launch and play it when the Early Access period begins.

Early access is just one of the Remnant 2 DLC items players can get from either pre-ordering or buying various editions of the game. Other items include armor sets from the first game, special resource packs, and the game’s Year 1 season pass.

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