Remnant 2 Ritualist Archetype Unlock

The Ritualist class in Remnant 2.

In the Remnant 2 DLC, The Awakened King, there is a new archetype for players to unlock. Like other archetypes in the game you need to find a specific item tied to this class to give to Wallace to unlock the class. To help you find this item and unlock the new archetype, we’ve put together this complete Remnant 2 Ritualist archetype unlock guide.

Where to Find the Ragged Poppet

To start you need to hunt down the Ragged Poppet. To do this initiate an adventure mode run in The Awakened King, placing you in the exclusive Losomn of the DLC called the Forlorn Coast.

Path leading to the Ragged Poppet using the boats in the area.
Use the boat path in this area to reach a cave you can enter with the item inside it.

In the Forlorn Coast area, progress forward until you reach the middle of the zone. Here, you’ll find a fishing village with a number of boats on the water below you (shown on the map above). These boats are attached together, allowing you to cross them.

Drop down onto the boats and follow the boat path that leads you to a strange cave area. Enter the cave area and deal with the enemy there. Near where the enemy was standing you will find the Ragged Poppet Key Item. Loot it to add it to your inventory.

What to Do with the Ragged Poppet

The Cursed Effigy item in Remnant 2.
Give the Ragged Poppet to Wallace to make the Cursed Effigy item.

Once you’ve acquired the Ragged Poppet you need to return to Wallace in Ward-13. Give Wallace the Key Item and 5x Lumenite Crystals. He will turn it into the Cursed Effigy key item which unlocks the Ritualist Class.

There are two ways to use this Archetype either as your main (by starting a new game) or slotting it into your second Archetype slot.

Ritualist Archetype Details

The Ritualist is an AOE and Status Effect-focused class. Its Archetype Trait is Affliction, and its Prime Perk is Vile. Starting with the full Zealot’s armor set, the Ritualist wields the Sparkfire Shotgun, Repeater Pistol, and the Ritualist Scythe.

There are other Archetypes in Remnant 2. Our Remnant 2 hidden archetypes unlock guide tells you how to get each and every one of them.

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