Remnant 2 Ethereal Manor Puzzle Solution Guide

Remnant 2 Death-Soaked Idol item.

The Remnant 2: The Awakened King DLC includes a special event within the Ethereal Manor that players may encounter. Although the event might seem confusing initially, it is actually straightforward to complete. Refer to the guide below for assistance in successfully navigating the Remnant 2 Ethereal Manor event.

Where to Start the Ethereal Manor Event

The Ethereal Manor entrance in Remnant 2.
When you find this manor, go inside of it to begin the event.

As you explore the Sunken Haunt or Derelict Lighthouse named locations in the DLC, you may encounter a large stone manor with an open gate out front. Go inside this manor and head upstairs. Upstairs, look for a library with a man sitting in a chair inside of it. Approach the man, and he will grab you and scream “Wake Up!” You are then teleported to the Ethereal Manor, and the event begins.

How to Solve the Remnant 2 Ethereal Manor Puzzle

The Ethereal Manor presents a puzzle that requires solving. While this puzzle is fairly straightforward, its in-game explanation is lacking. Your objective for this event is to collect four items without encountering the sitting man. These four items that must be collected are:

  1. Strange Talisman
  2. Bloody Talisman
  3. Bloody Talisman
  4. Death-Soaked Idol

Collecting these items might appear straightforward, but there’s a catch. Each time you enter the manor, you can only open one of the manor’s five locked doors. Behind the locked door, you’ll find either a key item or the sitting man.

Key Item and Sitting Man in the Ethereal Manor puzzle in Remnant 2.
Only open the door if it has a key item not the sitting man behind it.

If the door leads to a key item, pick it up, and it will be added to your inventory. You will then wake up outside the manor, so you can find the next item. However, if you open the door with the sitting man behind it, you have to approach him, and he will grab you, causing the event to reset and resulting in the loss of all key items you’ve collected.

To simplify the puzzle, each time you enter the manor, look through the window on each door. If you spot the sitting man, don’t open the door. If you observe a Key Item, go ahead and open the door.

Alternatively, if you’ve unlocked the Explorer Archetype, you can use the Fortune Hunter Skill to highlight the location of the Key Item. This approach is considerably simpler but necessitates unlocking the class.

Event Reward

Once you’ve gathered the four items mentioned earlier, you’ll be transported back to the World Stone of the location where you entered the manor. As a reward, you get to retain the Death-Soaked Idol, an amulet that you can wear, and it does the following:

“Increases all damage by 5% for each entity within 20m suffering from a unique Negative Status Effect. Max 5 stacks.”

This amulet proves effective across any class employing negative status effects, with particular emphasis on its utility for the recently added Ritualist Archetype in the expansion.

This is just one of multiple new weapons and items added in the Remnant 2 DLC. Be sure to check out our other guides including how to get the Ritualist Scythe weapon.

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