Remnant 2 Dryzr Replicator

Remnant 2 Dryzr Replicator craftable items.

The Remnant 2 Dryzr Replicator is a special Matter Propgator Vendor that players can find on N’Erud beneath The Custodian. This machine allows you to purchase and craft a variety of special items. To learn more here’s a complete guide to the Remnant 2 Dyzr Replicator.

Where to Find the Dryzr Replicator in Remnant 2

To find the Drzyr Replicator you need the Seeker’s Rest location start. Once you have this start make your way forward to The Custodian’s location next to the Abyssal Rift. In this location just before The Custodian’s room there is a hall of statues. Behind the first statue on your left is a hole in the floor. Drop down the hole to reach the Dryzr Replicator.

What Can You Make and Buy from the Dryzr Replicator in Remnant 2

Once you’ve found the machine you can interact with it. Doing this brings up the Dryzr Replicator menu. On this menu you will find items you can craft and items you can buy. The following tables detail both sets of items.

Dryzr Replicator Craftable Items

ItemItem TypeRecipe
Vice GripsMelee Weapon7x Lumenite Crystal
15x Galvanized Iron
1500x Scrap
Salvaged HeartRelic10x Lumenite Crystal
15x Relic Dust
1500x Scrap
Void IdolAmulet1x Shining Essence
15x Hardened Iron
1000x Scrap
Range FinderAmulet15x Galvanized Iron
1000x Scrap
Energy DiverterAmulet15x Forged Iron
1000x Scrap
Effluvium EnhancerAmulet15x Iron
1000x Scrap
Microcompressor Ring10x Forged Iron
750x Scrap
Meteorite Shard RingRing10x Iron
750x Scrap
Burden of the MarinerRing10x Iron
500x Scrap
Suppression WardRing5x Iron
250x Scrap

Dryzr Replicator Items For Sale

Remnant 2 Dryzr Replicator items for sale.
Items you can purchase at the Dryzr Replicator.
ItemCost (in Scrap)
Binding Orb250
Ambit Ember200
Timeworn Unguent100

You can also sell items to this merchant. Select the Sell tab to see your inventory and the price the merchant is willing to give you for the various items located in it.

In the same room as the Dryzr Replicator you will find two elevators. These elevators lead up or down. Taking the elevator down leads to a locked door you can open by collecting certain Quest Items on N’Erud. You can get either the Pulse Rifle Weapon or an Amulet.

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