Red Dead Online: How to Get the Band in Moonshine Update

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In Red Dead Online the new Moonshine Shack can be expanded to include a bar and live music. The live music is an especially interesting addition as it really livens up the place with more ambient music. You will also notice more patrons at the bar because of it. To help you liven up the place use our how to get the band in Moonshine update guide below.

Where to Buy Band Expansion?

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Before you can get the band you first need to level up the Moonshine Frontier Pursuit to Level 5. To level up to 5 you want to complete quests for Maggie and deliver Moonshine orders. At Level 5 you unlock the band expansion. To get this expansion you first need to spend 2 Tokens. Once you’ve spent the tokens speak to Maggie and select Expansions. Here you will find the Band Expansion. This expansion is currently free on PS4 as part of the early access benefit.

How to Play with the Band?

Image showing playing with the band in Red Dead Online.

Once you’ve purchased the Band Expansion you will find the band in your basement next to the bar. To get the band to play music you want to approach the Pianist and speak to them. They will start to play. While music is playing you can stand on the dance floor and dance. If dancing doesn’t tickle your fancy you can play any instrument in the band by approaching the musician currently playing the instrument you wish to takeover for.

That’s all you need to know about how to get the band in the new Moonshine update. This game mechanic is a fun little addition from Rockstar that is extra fun with friends. What instrument do you like playing most? Let me know below.

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