Red Dead Online Dutch’s Outfit Guide, How to get it

Thanks to the Blood Money update in Red Dead Online players can now dress up as Arthur and Dutch. Both of these characters from the main story have distinct looks about them. Now their outfits can be acquired in the online version of the game. Our Red Dead Online Dutch’s outfit guide below will show you how to get this outfit for yourself.

How to Get Dutch’s Outfit in RDO

Red Dead Online Dutch's outfit screenshot.
Screenshot by Hold To Reset.

Rockstar has introduced a new season pass system called the Quick Draw Club. This season pass system breaks up the passes into 25 ranks a piece. The first pass is the Quick Draw Club No 1 and it costs 25 Gold Bars. This pass contains an outfit called The Redcliff. The Redcliff unlocks at Rank 5 of the paid track.

The Redcliff outfit is the same outfit that Dutch wears in the main story of Red Dead Redemption 2. This outfit can be yours by purchasing and leveling up the Quick Draw Club No 1 to rank 5. When the rank is reached you get the outfit.

Getting Gold Bars to purchase the pass in-game is a bit of a pain. The first method of acquiring bars is out-right paying for them with real world money. This is the fastest method but it will cost you. Alternatively you can complete daily challenges and build up your streak to earn gold bars. You can also complete specific gold bar activities to earn the currency.

Did you pickup the Red Dead Online Dutch’s Outfit? Let me know in the comments below.


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