Red Dead Online Arthur’s Outfit Guide, How to get it

The Blood Money update for Red Dead Online adds some new outfits to the game including the fairly iconic Arthur and Dutch’s outfits. If you want to run around online with this outfit this guide will show you how. Below I walk you through the Red Dead Online Arthur’s outfit unlock steps which are very easy.

How to Get Arthur’s Outfit in RDO

Image showing Red Dead Online Arthur's Outfit.

To get Arthur’s Outfit you need to visit the mysterious Madame Nazar. Madame Nazar is a traveling saleswoman who moves her sales coach each day (see our location guide). Head to Madame Nazar and speak to her by selecting the Buy option. On the Buy screen there is a new outfit called the Haraway. This outfit is Arthur’s look from the campaign. To purchase the look it will cost you 52 Gold Bars.

Getting Gold Bars in-game is a bit of a pain. The first method of acquiring bars is out-right paying for them with real world money. This is the fastest method but it will cost you. Alternatively you can complete daily challenges and build up your streak to earn gold bars. You can also complete specific gold bar activities to earn the currency.

Once purchased you can equip The Haraway like you would other outfits in the game. When equipped you will look exactly like the main protagaonist of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Did you pickup the Red Dead Online Arthur’s Outfit? Let me know in the comments below.


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    Is there any way to get Arthur’s winter shotgun coat? (The one u have at the beginning of the story)

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    How long is Arthur’s outfit staying in the game

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