Red Dead Online Blood Money Update, What’s New

The major summer update for Red Dead Online is upon us and with it comes a number of new additions to the game. Called Blood Money the new update adds new missions to tackle, new items to unlock, and much more. If you are wondering what’s new this post will highlight the major additions in the Red Dead Online Blood Money update.

New Season Passes Called the Quick Draw Club

Dutch's Outfit in the Quick Draw Club season pass 1.

Out with the old and in with the new. Rockstar has zigged from their typically 100 Rank Season Passes to produce the Quick Draw Club pass. This new pass goes up to Rank 25 and costs 25 Gold Bars. What makes this pass interesting is that is returns all 25 Gold Bars to you if completed. There will be four Quick Draw Club passes and players that buy all of them will get access to the Halloween Pass 2 free of charge. The passes contain special unlocks such as Dutch’s Outfit.

Crimes and Opportunities

The update is called Blood Money and as the name suggests you will be forced to work on the wrong side of the law for Guido Martelli. Martelli is the right-hand man for Angelo Bronte, a notorious gangster. Martelli and Bronte want to take on a politician and they recruit you to help.

To help the crimelord you take part in Crimes and Opportunities. Crimes are base level missions that run a wide-variety of tasks like taking out specific targets, robbing trains, and destroying cargo. During these missions you can acquire Capitale which is used for Opportunities. Opportunities are larger, more involved missions that task you with stealing three Jewels of the West. Rockstar will be drip-feeding the Opportunities over the summer.

Returning Clothing, Pamphlets, and Other Season Pass Items

Arthur's Outfit in Red Dead Online.

Rockstar has brought back a variety of items from previous Outlaw Passes. These returning items can be acquired from Madam Nazar and Fences. The items are for sale for Gold or $RDO depending on their rarity. Arthur’s Outfit for example is 52 Gold Bars to purchase from Madam Nazar.

Besides the return of previous items Rockstar is adding a new Free Roam Missions menu, new Daily Challenges and Awards, and new Nominated Series multiplayer playlist. They’ve also added NVIDIA DLSS support on PC.

These are all the major points from the Red Dead Online Blood Money Update. If you want to get more into the weeds with discounts and other bonuses check out our weekly updated Red Dead Online update post.

Thoughts on the Red Dead Online Blood Money update? Let me hear them in the comments below.


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