Red Dead Online Blood Money Crimes List

The Red Dead Online update title Blood Money has introduced new side missions players can complete called Crimes. These missions are similar in nature to the Stranger Missions previously in the game, but they have more focus on the characters involved. To keep track of the available missions see our complete Red Dead Online Blood Money Crimes list below.

Crimes Missions List for Red Dead Online

You can start or complete Crimes in Red Dead Online by visiting different NPCs on the map. These NPCs will give you the choice between completing Free Roam or Blood Money Missions. The difference between the two is that Free Roam occurs within your lobby while Blood Money Missions are solo/posse instances. The available Crimes are:

Blood Money Missions

  1. Stagecoach Stickup.
  2. Dirty Money, Dirty Deeds.
  3. Clearing House.
  4. The Jeb Phelps Contract (3 parts).
  5. The Railroad Contract (3 parts).
  6. Bluewater Contract (3 parts).
  7. A Lit Fuse.
  8. The Dockside Contract (3 parts).
  9. Back Pay.
  10. The Saloons Contract (3 parts).
  11. The Cornwall Contract (3 parts).

Free Roam Crimes

  • Boat Theft.
  • Horse Theft.
  • Early Release.
  • Paid Killing.
  • Bushwhack.

Rockstar has said they will be adding more Crimes as the Summer update rolls along. I will update the list above once more missions have been added to the game for players to complete.

To start any of the above mentioned Crimes simply visit one of the NPCs that are marked on your map with the blood drop and $. These NPCs will give you access to both Crimes and Opportunities.

Completing Crimes is a good way to loot Capitale, earn $RDO, Gold and XP. The harder or longer the Crime to commit the better the reward payout. The three part crimes are more story based in nature and have a running theme between their parts.

Thoughts on the Red Dead Online Blood Money Crimes? Drop them in the comments below.


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