Red Dead Online Blood Money Opportunities List

The Red Dead Online update title Blood Money has introduced new missions players can complete called Opportunities. These missions are unlocked by collecting enough Capitale to do each mission. Opportunities are larger in scale than the Crimes you commit to earn Capitale and other rewards. There are three Opportunities in Red Dead Online. To keep track of them see our Red Dead Online Blood Money Opportunities list below.

Opportunities Missions List for Red Dead Online

You can start Opportunities in Red Dead Online by visiting different NPCs on the map. These NPCs will give you the choice between completing Crimes or Opportunities. The difference between the two is that Crimes are small scale missions while Opportunities are much larger in scope. Opportunities also require Capitale to complete with the cost being 15/20/25 depending on difficulty. The higher the difficulty the more rewarding the Opportunity.


  • Covington Emerald.
  • The Ember of the East.

Rockstar has said they will be adding two more Opportunities as the summer rolls along. These Opportunities will most likely lead to some sort of final mission to conclude the storyline. I will update the list above once the other Opportunities have been added to the game for players to complete.

To start any of the above mentioned Opportunities simply visit one of the NPCs that are marked on your map with the blood drop and $. These NPCs will give you access to both Crimes and Opportunities.

Completing Opportunities is a good way to earn $RDO, Gold and XP. The harder or longer the Opportunity is to complete the better the reward payout. There is also a storyline running through the Opportunities you may wish to see through to the end if you are so inclined.

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