Red Dead Online Blood Money Capitale Guide

Capitale in Inventory in Red Dead Online.

In the Red Dead Online Blood Money update there is a new resource to collect called Capitale. This resource is required to take part in the more lucrative missions available in the update. There are a few ways to acquire Capitale with some being easier than others. To learn more here’s our Red Dead Online Blood Money Capitale guide.

Purchase Capitale With Gold from the Fence

Capitale for sale at the Fence in Red Dead Online.
Screenshot by Hold To Reset.

The easiest way of acquiring Capitale is to use Gold to buy it. Head to the nearest Fence and access their inventory to find Capitale available for purchase. The going rate is 10x Capitale for 3 Gold Bars. There is also a one time purchasable Hired Gun Kit you can buy from the Fence that features 10x Capitale to get you started (among other resources). The rates are steep, but if you have the Gold it is the fastest method of acquiring this resource.

Find it During Blood Money Missions or Free Roam Missions

Once you have the Blood Money update active you will find new missions on your map. These missions are symbolized by an oil drop with a dollar sign inside it. During these missions you can find Capitale laying around to collect. Be sure to search high and low to find it. It can be found in Lockboxes, chests, and looted off of enemies. The missions themselves pay out in money, XP, and other rewards.

What to Do with Capitale?

Image showing an Opportunity in Red Dead Online.
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Upon acquiring enough Capitale you will unlock Opportunities. These Opportunities are more serious missions that typically require completing a specific objective like stealing a special jewel. To do these Opportunities you will spend your Capitale. The harder the Opportunity the more it costs you. Standard is 15, Hard is 20, and Ruthless is 25. The harder the Opportunity the better the reward. There is a cooldown between missions of around 45 minutes so you can’t simply farm them if you have the Capitale available.

That’s all you really need to know about Capitale. The resource is neccessary if you wish to play the harder missions called Opportunities. When you are not playing Opportunities you should be collecting Capitale from the sources listed above.

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