Icerend Shrine Guide – Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Once you complete the main storyline in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet you unlock endgame content. This content features a number of additional quests you can complete. One quest you can receive is from the History teacher Raifort. If you speak to Raifort in the Entrance Hall of the Naranja/Uva Academy she tells you about Shrines. Following this interaction the four Shrines are marked on your map. Here’s a quick Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Icerend Shrine guide to help you open one of them.

Where to Find the Icerend Shrine?

Icerend Shrine map location.
The map location of the Icerend Shrine.

The Icerend Shrine is one of four Shrines players can open in the endgame of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. This Shrine is located in the eastern area of Paldea on a ledge on the cliffside. It’s entrance is marked on your map with the symbol shown on the screenshot above. When you visit this location you find a locked Yellow Gate. To open this gate you need to find 8 Ominous Yellow Stakes throughout the surrounding area and destroy them.

Where to Find All 8 Ominous Yellow Stakes to Open the Icerend Shrine?

History teacher Raifort explains to you how the stake system works. To open a Shrine you need to find and destroy all 8 of the stakes in that area. To open the Icerend Shrine you need to find all 8 Ominous Yellow Stakes and destroy them. The locations below are where you will find them all.

Ominous Yellow Stake 1

Go to Cascarrafa. Head south behind the gym building. Here you will find a tree next to a waterfall. Behind this tree is the Ominous Yellow Stake. Destroy the stake.

Ominous Yellow Stake 2

Go to the West Province (Area One) – North fast travel Pokecenter. From this location head east/southeast. You will pass some ruins. On a ledge on the south end of the ruins is the Ominous Yellow Stake. Jump up to the ledge and destroy the stake.

Ominous Yellow Stake 3

To the west of the Pokemon League building there is a flat, grassy, area. Go to this area. Walk along the north cliffside. You will find a crack in the cliff. Inside this crack is the Ominous Yellow Stake. Destroy the stake.

Ominous Yellow Stake 4

Head directly south/southeast of the Icerend Shrine door. Here you will come across a large hole in the mountains. In the middle of this hole there is a platform that has an Omnious Yellow Stake on it. Jump down and destroy it.

Ominous Yellow Stake 5

This Ominous Yellow Stake is located on a small ledge on the eastside of the valley where my icon is on the map. It is fairly easy to reach by just heading southeast from the West Province (Area One) – Central Pokecenter. Jump down onto the ledge and destroy it.

Ominous Yellow Stake 6

This Ominous Yellow Stake is a bit misleading. It looks like it is just along the pathway heading to the South Province (Area Six) section, but it is actually in a tunnel beneath the path. The entrance is on either side of the path at the bottom of the cliffs. The arrows on the map show where to go to find the entrances I speak of. Inside the tunnel is the stake, destroy it.

Ominous Yellow Stake 7

Head to the north of the named location called Leaking Tower of Paldea. On the cliffside to the north, looking down on the path with the tunnel we visited to find the previous stake, you will find this Ominous Yellow Stake. Make your way down to it and destroy it.

Ominous Yellow Stake 8

Go directly east of the Alfornado city. Eventually you will come to a river with a waterfall. At the top of the waterfall on a small ledge you will find this Ominous Yellow Stake. Destroy it!

How to Catch Chien-Pao

Chien-Pao legendary Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.
Legendary Pokemon Chien-Pao.

Once you’ve destroyed all 8 of the Ominous Yellow Stakes list above you will see a short cutscene. During this cutscene you hear the cry of the legendary Chien-Pao coming from the now-open shrine. Before going back there do a little prep to make catching easier:

  • Buy battle/catching supplies like Ultra Balls.
  • Bring a Pokemon that can inflict status effects.
  • Bring a Pokemon that has False Swipe.
  • Try and have a party of +60 level.
  • Make a save.

After your battle prep is complete, go back to the Icerend Shrine door. Approach the door and you will be prompted to interact with it. Select Yes to start the battle. Catch Chien-Pao easily using a combination of False Swipe, a status effect like sleep, and Ultra Balls.

Chien-Pao is a Dark/Ice Legendary Pokemon. It is one of four Legendries you can catch by opening the four shrines. See the other shrine guides for help with those Pokemon.


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