Pokemon Legends Arceus The Basics of Crafting Guide

The third mission in Pokemon Legends Arceus teaches players how to craft items in the game. This mission is ran by Akari and it is called The Basics of Crafting. To help you complete this mission use our Pokemon Legends Arceus The Basics of Crafting guide below.

Visit the Craftworks to learn how to craft

After you complete the trial you will receive the Recipe: Poke Balls. Since you don’t know how to make the item, Akari is tasked with teaching you. To start things off leave the HQ to trigger a cutscene where you meet Anthe who gives you the Everyday Kimono and Everyday Sandals. After getting this gift head over to Akari who is at the craftworks.

Make Poke Balls at the Workbench

Image showing the workbench in Pokemon Legends Arceus.
The workbench.

At the craftworks you will find a bench out front. This bench can be interacted with. Approach the bench and interact with it. When you interact with the bench a screen will appear. Make as many Poke Balls as you’d like.

When the Poke Balls are made you complete the mission. After the mission is complete Laventon will appear and will speak to you. He then gives you a Pokedex. You then start the mission called Getting to Work on Research Tasks.

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