Pet Simulator X Please Ask Nicely Door

Pet Simulator X Ask Nicely door.

In the Roblox experience Pet Simulator X the April Fool’s Day update event is currently running. This event adds a new area to the game and a couple of new eggs. One of the new eggs is locked behind a door that says Ask Nicely to open. To help you open the door here’s our Pet Simulator X Please Ask Nicely door solution guide.

How to Open the Ask Nicely Door in April Fool’s Day World

Upon successful completion of the three April Fool’s Day quests, you will gain access to the exclusive realm known as the April Fool’s Day World. Within this whimsical world, an intriguing locked door awaits your discovery. When you engage with this enigmatic door, it cryptically instructs you to “Ask Nicely” in order to gain entry. This peculiar request may leave you pondering the precise wording required to unlock the door.

To unravel this mystery, you’ll need to type “pls” into the chat box as a polite request. Remarkably, this simple phrase holds the key to unlocking the door and granting you access.

Beyond the now-opened door lies a secret chamber, concealing yet another egg primed for hatching. What sets this egg apart is its extraordinary 10x likelihood of yielding the coveted Huge Error Cat and various other Error pets. However, this exceptional opportunity comes at a considerable cost, demanding a total of 32,000 diamonds for purchase. While it may seem somewhat extravagant to hatch this egg, the potential reward of obtaining the elusive Huge Error Cat pet renders the investment undeniably worthwhile.

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