How to Get the Huge Error Cat in PSX

Pet Simulator X April Fool's Error Pets.

The Roblox experience Pet Simulator X is currently hosting an April Fool’s Day event that features a new location to visit and new pets to acquire. This event runs for one week and while it is live players have the chance of snagging the rare Huge Error Cat. To learn how to get the Huge Error Cat in PSX, see our guide below.

Hatch the Huge Error Cat

Pet Simulator X April Fool's Error Pets.
Error Pets including the Huge Error Cat.

The first method of acquiring the Huge Error Cat is through the common Pet Simulator X experience of hatching eggs. In the April Fool’s Day update there is a new April Fools World that is based on Pet Simulator 1. To access this world players must complete three quests. Once those quest are complete they can visit and hatch three types of eggs:

  • Error Egg (2k Diamond/Per).
  • Gold Error Egg (18k Diamond/Per).
  • Diamond Error Egg (32k Diamond/Per).

All three of these eggs have the small chance of hatching a Huge Error Cat along with the other event pets. With that being said the Diamond Error Egg in the Secret Room has a 10x Chance of hatching the huge that the other eggs do not. This means if you wish to really make a go of hatching you will want to spend your time and gems on that egg.

While the possibility of hatching a Huge Error Cat is real, keep in mind that this method is purely luck based. Some players may hatch the Huge Error Cat in the first hour while other may not hatch one at all. It all comes down to the luck you have with the game’s hatching RNG.

Buy the Huge Error Cat

The second method of acquiring the Huge Error Cat is not luck based, but instead relies on having deep Diamond pockets. Like every pet in the game you can acquire Huge Error Cats from the game’s community marketplace. This trading area allows you to buy pets that other players have put on sale. The Huge Error Cat is one of the pets that is starting to pop up now. To purchase it you will need to have roughly 50+ billion in Diamonds available as the pet is fairly rare. This price will most likely decrease as more of these pets make their way into player’s hands.

If you want to purchase the Gold or Rainbow versions you will need even more money than what is mentioned above. You will need to spend 100’s of Billions in Diamonds as, again, this pet is very rare currently.

Trade for the Huge Error Cat

If you’re not liquid in Diamonds but have a large collection of valuable pets, trading is an option. This method will require hunting down a Huge Error Cat owner and offering to trade with them for the pet. This is one of the more riskier approaches as many players actively attempt to scam other players, so I would really be cautious about pursuing this method if the other two listed above don’t work for you.

That’s all you need to know about how to het the Huge Error Cat in PSX. Given the rare nature of this pet you are required to either spend a lot of time or money to get it. Whether or not the effort or cost is worth it is something you will need to ask yourself.

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