Pet Simulator X April Fool’s Day Event Guide

Pet Simulator X April Fool's Day building.

The Roblox experience Pet Simulator X April Fool’s Day Event is now live and with it comes new activities for players to complete in the game. These activities unlock a new area to explore and give players access to new eggs they can hatch. To help you complete this event see our Pet Simulator X April Fool’s Day Event guide below.

How to Start the April Fool’s Day Event in PSX

To start the April Fool’s Day event make your way to the Shop biome in Spawn World. Head to the right of the Gold Pet making machine and you will find a new door on a glitched building. Next to the door is a sign. This sign shows you different quests you must complete before the door will open. The quests are:

  1. Write April Fools in chat.
  2. Eat 30 Healthy Fruit.
  3. Break 25 Error Chests.

Upon completion of these three quests you gain access to the Pet Simulator 1 April Fool’s Day area. In this area you will find a new Egg you can hatch and a secret area you can unlock.

What’s in the April Fool’s World

Pet Simulator X ask nicely to open door.
Ask Nicely to open.

Fans of Pet Simulator X will immediately recognize the area from Pet Simulator 1, the game that started it all. In this location you will find a cannon taking you back to spawn world and two eggs: Normal Error Eggs and Gold Error Eggs. Normal Error Eggs sell for 1.6k Diamonds while the Gold Error Eggs sell for 15.3k Diamonds. These eggs contain the following error pets:

If these Eggs are not to your liking there is also another egg locked behind the Ask Nicely door. This door can only be unlocked by typing ‘pls‘ into the chat. The door will open and let you enter. Inside you will find an egg that has 10x Huge Pet chance.

That’s all you need to know to take part in the PSX April Fool’s Day event. While this event is available you will want to focus your effort on hatching as many of the new pets as possible before they go away forever. Good luck!

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