Pet Simulator X Error Chests

Pet Simulator X Error Chest

In the Roblox experience Pet Simulator X the April Fool’s Day event is now active. While this event is available players can collect Healthy Fruit and destroy special Error Chests. While I’ve covered the fruit already, I figured I would turn my attention to Error Chests. To learn all about the Pet Simulator X Error Chests, see my guide below.

What Are Error Chests?

Error Chests are random chests that can appear across any world. These chests have a purple and black pattern on them (as shown in the image above). Like normal chests they drop rewards for players including coins, gems, and buffs. Unlike normal chests the Error Chests also trigger special gameplay changes in keeping with the April Fool’s Day Event experience.

The changes I speak of are largely cosmetic. When you break one of the Error Chests you may find you character becomes big, tiny, or that they get an Error Skin applied to them. There is also a low gravity change that can trigger that will allow you to float and jump higher than you normally can.

Where to Find Error Chests

Error Chests appear in any world across PSX. They do seem to appear more often in higher level areas. I personally found a lot in Doodle World. These later game worlds are less full of players and that makes it more likely for you to find them. If you find yourself in a biome devoid of other players you will want to spend as much time there as possible. Use your pets to destroy other items to force Error Chests to spawn in.

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