Pet Simulator X Healthy Fruit

Pet Simulator X Healthy Fruit.

In Roblox’s Pet Simulator X experience there is an April Fool’s Day update event running that features special collectibles called Healthy Fruit. These collectibles are required to enter the April Fool’s World and they also give you buffs. To learn all about the Pet Simulator X Healthy Fruit, see our guide below.

Where to Find Healthy Fruit?

The second quest to enter April Fools World is to collect 30 Healthy Fruit. To do this you need to find them throughout the different worlds. If you are looking for them try looking in higher level areas away from other players. Areas like Doodle World and Kawaii World seem to have them spawn rather frequently. Additionally you can also look in places Tech World or other higher level than just trying to farm them in the Spawn World.

One thing to keep in mind is that Healthy Fruit spawns like other items in the game. This means you can clear an area to try and get Healthy Fruit to appear while the April Fool’s Day event is active. Use this method if you find a World that has no one else in it to quickly collect the 30 Healthy Fruit required.

Healthy Fruit Buffs

If you thought Healthy Fruit were just a collectible, you thought wrong. Healthy Fruit gives gameplay buffs when they are collected. There are a total of 5x Types of Healthy Fruit Buffs you can trigger and one fruit that gives all buffs. The Healthy Fruits and their buffs are as follows:

BananaLuck Boost
AppleDamage Boost
Orange Diamonds Boost
PineappleSpeed Boost
PearCoins Boost
Rainbow FruitBuffs all categories

You can stack these buffs fairly high by farming the different fruit listed above. If you are attempting to secure the Huge Error Cat you will want to focus you attention on Bananas and Oranges. Bananas give you a Luck Boost while Oranges increase the amount of Diamonds you earn. Be sure to snag the Rainbow Fruit if you see them since they give all boosts across the above listed categories.

The Healthy Fruit buffs expire over time, but they do appear to remain across servers. This means you can disconnect from a server and rejoin/join another your buffs will remain on your character.

While you look for Healthy Fruit be sure to keep your eyes open for Error Chests. These special event chests must be broken to enter the April Fools World door.

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