Pet Simulator X Halloween Event 2023 Patch Notes Get Spooky

Halloween Event 2023 pets in Pet Simulator X.

In a bit of a surprise today, BIG Games re-released the 2022 Halloween Event for Pet Simulator X. This event brings back a number of the same elements from last years event, but with a few new additions. To learn more about everything in this event see the complete Pet Simulator X Halloween Event 2023 patch notes below.

What’s in the Pet Sim X Halloween Event 2023 Update?

As the name of this event suggests, the theme of this update is Halloween. This means players can expect returning Halloween themed pets, 2 new Huge Pets, collectible Candy currency, upgrades, and more.

The full patch notes from BIG Games provide the full picture of everything added in the PSX Halloween 2023 update.

Halloween Event

BOO! The Halloween Event from last year has returned, with a couple of new additions!

Travel to the area through the spOoOky house in the Town area.

Halloween Pets

10 Halloween pets are back with new power! Plus 2 new HUGE pets!

These are now the best pets in the game. Good luck hatching!

Halloween Huge Pets

The final Cursed Egg has a chance to drop 2 HUGE pets!

The new HUGE Vampire Bat and the HUGE Pumpkin Cat (returning from last year)!

Halloween Eggs

Hatch the 3 eggs while you can!

The PumpkinEerie, and Cursed eggs have made a limited return!

Eggs hatched with Hardcore Candy will give you HC pets as well!

Candy Currency

Halloween Candy has made a return!

Earn candy in any world by breaking anything!

Candy can also be earned in Hardcore – so you can hatch HC pets!

Giant Pumpkins

Giant Pumpkins will spawn around the map yielding a TON of candy!

Ghost Hoverboard

Only obtainable during the event!

Hardcore Quests

Complete 4 quests in Hardcore mode to earn FREE rewards!

The final quest will unlock the Ghost Hoverboard!

Halloween Upgrades

Spend all extra Candy on limited time upgrades!

These upgrades, excluding the More Candy upgrade, will work even after the event ends!

Halloween Makeover

Head to the Spawn and Trading Plaza to check out the spOooKy decorations!

Preston – PSX Dev Team

For full details on how to do everything in this update see our complete Pet Sim X Halloween Event 2023 update guide.

This update doesn’t bring anything significantly new, but it’s a welcome release. Recently, BIG Games has been in a state of stagnation as they focus on their upcoming title, Happy Pet Game. We don’t have much information about this new game, other than the fact that it’s their next pet-themed project.

With most of BIG Games’ resources dedicated to the new title, the development pipeline for the PSX has officially concluded. The last major update, the Yeet A Pet update, was launched in July 2023.

What do you think of the Pet Simulator X Halloween Event 2023 patch notes? Tell me in the comment below.



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