Pet Simulator X Halloween Event 2023 Guide

A Giant Pumpkin from the Pet Simulator X Halloween Event 2023 update.

In a surprising release today, BIG Games has re-released the Halloween event update from last year in Pet Simulator X. This new event dubbed the Halloween Event 2023, brings back a big chunk of the content from last year while adding a few new bonuses. If you’re seeking assistance with the latest update and guidance on what tasks to undertake, this Pet Simulator X Halloween Event 2023 guide will provide a comprehensive walkthrough of the new update.

Where is the Halloween Event 2023 World in PSX?

The black house in Town that takes you to Halloween World in Pet Simulator X.
Go through the door on this house in Town to get to Halloween World.

Accessing the Halloween Event World in Pet Simulator X is a breeze. While the event is ongoing, players should head to the Spawn World and make their way to the Town area. Inside the Town, you’ll spot a sizable black house displaying a sign for the Halloween Event. Approach this house and enter through the door to reach the Halloween Event World.

How to Get Candy in the Pet Simulator X Halloween Event 2023?

Upon entering Halloween World, you’ll quickly observe a significant aspect: everything in this place comes with a Candy price tag. Candy serves as the exclusive event currency that you’ll want to gather. To accumulate Candy, all you need to do is smash objects in any of the various worlds. Remember that the tougher the world you’re in, the greater your Candy haul will be.

Apart from breaking the usual items like chests, safes, presents, and crates, there’s a new addition for the event called Giant Pumpkins that can be smashed. Giant Pumpkins can be found in various game worlds, boasting substantial health, and when you destroy them, they generously reward you with a significant Candy bounty.

What are the Pets and Eggs in the Pet Simulator X Halloween Event 2023?

A primary use of Candy is to enable players to hatch the various Halloween eggs featured in the update. In the Halloween World, you’ll find three distinct types of eggs (and two gold variants) available for hatching: Pumpkin, Eerie, and Cursed eggs. These Eggs contain the Pets:

Pumpkin Egg (24k Candy/Egg)

  • Zombie Bull (56%)
  • Zombie Squirrel (42%)
  • Zombie Corgi (25%)
  • Witch Cat (0.22%)

Golden Pumpkin Egg (191k Candy/Egg)

  • Zombie Bull (56%)
  • Zombie Squirrel (42%)
  • Zombie Corgi (25%)
  • Witch Cat (0.22%)

Eerie Egg (1.2m Candy/Egg)

  • Ghost Cat (61%)
  • Pumpkin Cat (37%)
  • Vampire Bat (2.4%)
  • Werewolf (0.18%)

Golden Eerie Egg (918k Candy/Egg)

  • Ghost Cat (61%)
  • Pumpkin Cat (37%)
  • Vampire Bat (2.4%)
  • Werewolf (0.18%)
  • Grim Reaper (??%)
  • Ghoul Horse (??%)

Cursed Egg (36m Candy/Egg)

  • Vampire Bat (86%)
  • Werewolf (14%)
  • Grim Reaper (??)
  • Ghoul Horse (??%)
  • Huge Vampire Bat (??%)
  • Huge Pumpkin Cat (??%)

The ten pets mentioned above are all carryovers from the previous year’s event. BIG Games has amplified their power, elevating them to the status of the top-tier pets in the game. In addition to the regular pets, there are two HUGE pets: the all-new HUGE Vampire Bat and the returning HUGE Pumpkin Cat you can hatch.

What are the Spooky Upgrades in the PSX Halloween Event 2023?

Spooky Upgrades shop upgrades in Pet Simulator X's Halloween Event 2023.
Spend your Candy in the Spooky Upgrades shop for permanent buffs.

The last major part of this seasonal event is the Spooky Upgrades shop. This shop is located in the Halloween World. When you walk into its white circle you will see a list of Spooky Upgrades that you can purchase using Candy. These upgrades provide the following benefits to you:

  • Mythical Pets Chance increase.
  • More Candy.
  • Better Re-Enchants.
  • More Storage.
  • Legendary Pets Chance increase.
  • More Diamonds.

With each upgrade purchase, the cost of the subsequent upgrade in that category rises. What’s intriguing is that the enhancements you acquire from the Spooky Upgrades shop will persist even after the event has concluded. The only one that won’t is More Candy.

Complete Hardcore Quests to Unlock the Ghost Hoverboard

For players in Hardcore mode, there are Halloween quests waiting to be tackled in the Halloween World. Simply check the Gravestone in Halloween World to view the available quests. Once you’ve successfully finished the last quest, you’ll be rewarded with the exclusive, time-limited Ghost Hoverboard.

That’s all you need to know about the Pet Simulator X Halloween Event 2023. This event does not currently have an end date, but I would expect to run at least through Halloween, as the name suggests.

Thoughts on our Pet Simulator X Halloween Event 2023 guide? Drop them in the comments below.



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