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On Europa in Destiny 2 Beyond Light there is a collectible players can find called the Penguin Souvenir. There are a reported 9 of these collectibles scattered around the planet. What they are for remains to be seen. With that said I am compiling a list of Penguin locations you can find below.

Penguin Location 1: Cave in Cadmus Ridge

Image showing the location of the Penguin Toy in Cadmus Ridge.

The first Penguin Souvenir can be found in Cadmus Ridge. Take the northwest path from Variks so you enter the area. As soon as you enter Cadmus Ridge turn right and jump onto the ledge there (will be some enemies on it). Look for a cave. Go towards the cave entrance. A Wyvern may spawn in the entrance. Defeat it then head inside the cave to find Penguin Souvenir 1.

Penguin Location 2: Behind Barrier in Well of Infinitude

Image showing the Penguin Toy location in the Well of Infinitude.

Make your way to the second room of the Well of Infinitude (where you fight all the Shanks in the story). Head to the end of this room where you would normally head down the hallway to reach room three. Instead of going down the hallway take a left at the hallway entrance and you will find this Penguin Toy behind a barrier in the corner. Interact with the barrier to access it.

Penguin Location 3: Ice Block in Eventide Ruins

Image showing the penguin location in Eventide Ruins.

To get this Penguin toy you need to complete a bit of a process since it is frozen in a block of ice. First head to the building in the northern most portion of the Eventide Ruins (where the lift to the Riis-Reborn Approach is). Around the exterior of this building you will find a Forsaken enemy named Ferkis, Salvation’s Squall. Defeat this enemy to get the Scorch Cannon. Take the Scorch Cannon to the building you would access the Lost Sector in and look for the penguin toy in an ice block in the northwest corner. Shoot it with the cannon to access it.

Penguin Location 4: Table in Brey Exoscience

Image showing the Brey Exoscience Penguin Toy Location.

This Penguin toy is very easy to locate. All you need to do is make your way to the last room in the Brey Exoscience building before you reach creation. In this room you will find the toy on a table to the right. Defeat the Captain here to lower the shield, allowing you to collect it.

Penguin Location 5: Cliff in Asterion Abyss

Image showing the location of the Asterion Abyss Penguin Toy in Destiny 2 Beyond Light.

You will find this penguin toy in the Asterion Abyss area. Head to the vex structure along the west-side of the area next to the exit leading to the Eventide Ruins. On top of this structure on the cliff face you will find two yellow-bar Goblins. Defeat them and grab the toy that is on the cliff’s edge.

Penguin 6 Location: Riis-Reborn Approach

Image showing the location of the Penguin Toy in Riis-Reborn Approach.

The week 6 penguin is found in the Riis-Reborn Approach. In this area make your way to the room after the bridge where you fight the Vex and Brig (during the Empire Hunt). In this long room there is a yellow bar Fallen Marauder. Defeat this enemy and it will drop the Penguin Toy.

Penguin Location 7: Nexus Entrance Area after Destroying 4 Oracles

Image showing the Penguin Location 7: Nexus Entrance Area after Destroying 4 Oracles.

You can find the week 7 Penguin in the Nexus area of Europa. Head to the entrance and shoot the four oracles around the vex structures. Once you destroy the fourth oracle the Penguin Toy will appear on the ledge beside it.

Penguin Location 8: Champion Drake Enemy in Kell’s Rising

Image showing where to find the Kell's Rising penguin in Destiny 2.

Make your way to the third room which is the large open area in Kell’s Rising after you pass through the tunnel with the Vex in it. In this open area you will find a Champion Fallen Captain named Drake. Defeat this Champion enemy and the Penguin will spawn behind some crates nearby.

Penguin Location 9: Charge System in Eternity

In Eternity you will find a Champion enemy named Drake, Charge Courier in the hallway on the lefts ide of the large server room just before the platforming sequence leading to the boss. Defeat this enemy and pick up the System Charge it drops. Carry the charge to the platforming section and deposit it in the machine there to have the Penguin Souvenir appear.

Where to Place Penguin Toys

Image showing where to place a Penguin toy in Destiny 2 Beyond Light.

Once you have Penguin Toy take it back to the building Variks is in. Instead of going into the room with Variks continue past it so you are heading northeast. Go into the next door you see. Inside this room look for notes. Next to these notes you can place the Penguin Toys.

By collecting the Penguin Toys, you’re making significant progress toward completing the Splintered Seal. To achieve it, you need to finish Augment Triumphs and continue your search for any remaining Dead Exo locations or Entropic Shards that you haven’t found yet as part of the Beyond Light expansion.

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