Dead Exo Locations – Destiny 2 Beyond Light

There are a number of collectibles for players to find across the planet of Europa in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. Many of these collectibles stand out in the world like the Penguins, while others blend in a bit more naturally to the envronment. One of the more natural (and hard to find) collectibles is nine Dead Exos. These collectibles are tied to The Lament exotic quest and the Salvage the Past Triumph. To help you find all of these collectibles use our Dead Exo locations guide below.

Dead Exo 1: Glacier/Ice Mountain (Cadmus Ridge)

Image showing the Cadmus Ridge Dead Exo location in Destiny 2 Beyond Light.

The first Dead Exo can be found directly northwest of the Penguin collectible cave. It is on a glacier there. The ledge is overlooking the cave and path below. The Dead Exo is fairly noticeable against the snow.

Dead Exo 2: Boss Room (Perdition LS)

Image showing the Dead Exo location in the Perdition Lost Sector.

Fight your way through the Perdition Lost Sector in Cadmus Ridge. Reach the boss room to find this Dead Exo in the left corner next to a crate and fire extinguisher.

Dead Exo 3: Off Path to Nexus (Asterion Abyss)

Image showing the Asterion Abyss Dead Exo location.

Head along the path going to the Nexus area from Asterion Abyss. Before heading through the large vex structure hanging a right while facing the entrance. The Dead Exo is sitting on the hillside nearby.

Dead Exo 4: Next to Console in Boss Room (Concealed Void LS)

Image showing the Concealed Void Dead Exo location.

Complete the Concealed Void Lost Sector so you defeat the boss. In the boss room behind the cache is the Dead Exo next to a console. The barrier must be down for you to reach it.

Dead Exo 5: Underneath Stairs Big Room (Bunker E15 LS)

Image showing the Bunker E15 LS Dead Exo location.

Go through the Bunker E15 Lost Sector until you reach the large open room where you can free a number of Breytech Robots to help you. On the right side of this room there is a staircase. Underneath this staircase is the Dead Exo.

Dead Exo 6: Next to Pillar in Ruined Building (Eventide Ruins)

Image showing the Eventide Ruins Dead Exo Location.

You can find this Dead Exo in the northeastern most ruined building in the Eventide Ruins Area. The Dead Exo is next to a pillar in the farthest back room. This room is the location of the two Belkis, Salvation Elites that will spawn in.

Dead Exo 7: Next to Cave Exit (Well of Infinitude)

Image showing the Well of Infinitude Dead Exo location.

In the third room of the Well of Infinitude area you will find the Dead Exo next to the cave exit. More details on this room is that home to the stasis-chest and the two wyvern battle in the Warrior Hunt. The Exo on a little ledge to the left when facing the cave leading to the fourth room of the area.

Dead Exo 8: Lobby Control Room (Brey Exoscience)

Image showing the Dead Exo location inside the Brey Exoscience area.

Make your way to the lobby area of the Brey Exoscience. Head into the first control room on your right. Head to the door into the next control room but instead of going through them turn right. In the corner here you will find the dead Exo.

Dead Exo 9: Platform Near AI Room Entrance

Image showing the location of the Dead Exo in the Creation area of Destiny 2 Beyond Light.

The final Dead Exo can be found inside the location of Creation. This area is home to The Lament exotic quest. You will need to reach the bottom green area to find this Exo. It is leaning against a console near where you enter the room to meet the AI.

You only need to find 3/9 of these dead Exos to complete The Lament exotic quest. If you want the Triumph you need to find 9/9. When you do find them all you will unlock the Salvage the Past Triumph. This Triumph earns you a shader and the Exo consumable figurine that can be placed in the Campsite.

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    Dead Exo 6: Next to Pillar in Ruined Building (Eventide Ruins) this ones instructions are incorrect. It is in the northeastern building.

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