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Diluvion Review 6

Diluvion Review

If you are on the ball and have purchased Diluvion, kudos to you. Released in February 2017, this is a unique find with rewarding world to explore. Diluvion sets the player as a submarine commander in a post-apocalyptic world, where...


Fractured Space: Not Such a “Gold Rush Weekend”

The Fractured Space weekend event running between July 28 and July 31 is a huge bust. It sounds like a great deal, it really does. As per usual, if you play six games in a day you are rewarded with...

The End is Nigh Endings 0

The End is Nigh Endings

If you’ve played other McMillen games before, you will know that they usually have a bunch of endings. Like the other games, The End is Nigh also features a bunch of endings to achieve. Accessing these endings can range from...

My Top 10 Weapons in the Entire Dark Souls Series 2

My Top 10 Weapons in the Entire Dark Souls Series

I spent some time looking back at each Dark Souls game (1- 3) and ranked my favorite weapons from each of them. Now that I’ve finished all of those lists, I’ve decided to compile all three lists into this super...

the end is nigh review 0

The End is Nigh Review

I’ve been playing a ton of Edmund McMillen and Tyler Glaiel’s The End is Nigh. Having finally ‘beaten’ the game, I feel like it is now time to talk about it. Overall I can say I’m a touch torn on...


A Fire Bear Storm Of Movie Trailers

There have been a large number of new trailers dropped in the last week or so, with one assuming there is some correlation between all these trailers dropping, and that thing going on in San Diego. I present to you...