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Outspoken Linling is a Lantern Rite Tale request players can complete in Genshin Impact‘s Lantern Rite event. This tale is part of the Lantern Rite Tales I collection. To complete this request players need to help an NPC named Linling in Liyue Harbor make a number of deliveries. For help completing this quest consult our Outspoken Linling guide below.

Outspoken Linling Walkthrough

Once you start this Lantern Rite Tale make your way to the area slightly north of the Secretary, Ministry of Civil Affairs in Liyue Harbor. At this location you will encounter an NPC named Linling who is standing next to some shipping crates. Speak to Linling to learn she is not very good at making Xiao Lanterns. Offer to help to kick off the quest line.

Give 3x Xiao Lantern to Linling

Image showing the Xiao Lantern recipe in Genshin Impact.

The first step of this quest is fairly simple. All you need to do is craft and give 3x Xiao Lantern to Linling. If you’ve played up to this point of the Lantern Rite you should have a general idea of how to make Xiao Lanterns. If not here’s a quick refresher:

  • Lantern Fiber x1 (3 total needed).
  • Wick Material x1 (3 total needed).
  • Plaustrite Shard x1 (3 total needed).
  • Mora x50 (150 total needed).

Once you have the material above combined it at a workbench to make 3x Xiao Lanterns. Take the lanterns and give them to Linling to complete this quest step.

Head over to Manager Xiao

Image showing Manager Xaio in Genshin Impact.

The next quest objective in this quest line is to meet with Manager Xiao. Manager Xiao can be found near the blacksmith in Liyue Harbor. Head to the map icon that appears and and you will trigger an interaction with Linling. After this interaction speak to the old man, Manager Xiao who is nearby. After you delivery the poem and lantern you will need to make another delivery to Degui.

Head over to Degui

Image showing Degui in Genshin Impact.

To find the next recipient of a lantern make your way to just outside Wanmin Restaurant. Here you will find Degui. Stand on the quest beacon to trigger another interaction with Linling. This interaction is similar to the previoue one before Manager Xiao. After you’ve arrived at a decent poem approach Degui and deliver the poem and lantern.

Head over to Bibo

Image showing Bibo in Genshin Impact.

The final delivery you need to make is to Bibo. Bibo can be found on the wooden dock next to the main bridge of Liyue Harbor near the Theater Mechanicus table. Head to this location now and repeat the delivery process once more (stand on the quest mark). Once this interaction is complete deliver the final poem and lantern to Bibo.

After the final lantern is delivered Lingling will speak to you one final time. Once this interaction is complete you will have finished the Outspoken Linling request. For you efforts you will receive Primogems, Festive Fever, and Mora.

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