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As you progress through Ori and the Will of the Wisps you will encounter a number of NPCs that you can speak to. Some of these NPCs say little to nothing while others have requests to ask of you. One NPC you will encounter multiple times is Tokk. When you encounter Tokk in The Wellspring area of the world he will ask you to find his lost compass. This starts The Lost Compass side quest. To complete this quest use our The Lost Compass guide below.

Where to Start The Lost Compass Side Quest?

To start this side quest advance the story until you reach The Wellspring. Once at The Wellspring you will be tasked with entering the the mill to learn what is wrong with it. As you traverse the mill you will reach a point where you exit the mill and are outside. Upon exiting for the first time you will encounter Tokk. Tokk will mention the lost compass and this side mission will begin.

Where to Find The Lost Compass?

Image showing the map location of the Iron Needle for Tokk.
Image showing the Iron Needle.

The Lost Compass can be found inside the upper portion of the second to last interior section of the mill. You will need to make your way to the very top of this section to destroy a bug on the cog. This causes the floor to turn and you can enter the cog beside you in the holes in it. This normally goes back to the entrance but you can use it to go up to the corner to reach the Iron Needle.

Leave through the exit below and you will run smack dab into Tokk who is waiting outside. Give him the Iron Needle to receive a piece of Gorlek Ore for your troubles.

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