Ori and the Will of the Wisps: Family Reunion Guide

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As you progress through Ori and the Will of the Wisps you will encounter a number of NPCs that you can speak to. Some of these NPCs say little to nothing while others have requests to ask of you. One NPC you will encounter is a Moki to the west of the Wellspring Glades. This Moki tells you he wishes to move into the Wellspring Glades, but there are no houses available. He asks you if you would speak with Grom to get a house built for him and his family. This begins the Family Reunion side quest. To complete this quest use our Family Reunion guide below.

Where to Start the Family Reunion Side Quest?

Image showing which Moki to speak to to start the Family Reunion quest.

When you are tasked with reaching the Mill in The Wellspring area of the world you will need to travel through and area called the Wellspring Glades. This rundown town is a home base to many of the NPCs you meet throughout the game. One NPC, Grom is attempting to fix up the town using Gorlek Ore. To start the Family Reunion side quest simply leave the Wellspring Glade to the left (west) and you will find a Moki next to a suitcase. Speak to this Moki to start the side quest.

How to Build the House for the Moki?

Image showing the Dwelling Repairs project you need to complete.

To build a house for the Moki you need to collect a total of 4x Gorlek Ore then speak to Gorm and select the Dwelling Repairs project. To get Gorlek Ore you can complete side quests like the Lost Compass and A Little Braver to receive the ore as a reward. The other method of getting this item is to collect it in the open world. Gorlek Ore is shown on your map as a Purple Triangle.

Image showing where to get the Hut Key.

Once you have 4x Gorlek Ore head to the Wellspring Glade and deliver the ore to Grom. Upon completion of the Dwelling Repairs project return to the Moki and speak with him. He is happy with the hut you built, but would like you to tell his faimly to come move in. This Moki’s family can be found in the Silent Woods. To reach them he gives you the Hut Key. Head to the Silent Woods now.

Where to Find the Moki’s Family in the Silent Woods?

Image showing where to find the Moki father's family in the Silent Woods.

The Silent Woods are located to the east of the area called Kwolok’s Hollow. To reach this area you need to complete the story up to cleansing the mill water. After you’ve done this you will gain access to this area to the east since you can swim through the water.

To find the Moki’s family in the Silent Woods reach the location marked on the map above. At this location you will find a hut hanging off a ledge. Go inside the hut using the Hut Key. Here you will find that the Moki family has turned to stone because they stayed in the decay for too long. Grab the Petrified Doll and return it to the father.

Once the Petrified Doll is delivered the father will mention he needs to return to the families hut. This allows you to enter his hut in the Wellspring Glade where you can grab the orb inside. This ends the side quest. If you wish you may return to the family house where there is now a third Moki statue of the father that has joined his family.

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