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In the Vishaps and Where to Find Them event in Genshin Impact there is a special set of hunts players can complete. This set of hunts occurs once per day and is called On the Hunt. These hunts task players with hunting a specific enemy to earn special rewards. Each time you do one of these hunts you will need to solve a puzzle then hunt an enemy. To help you to complete the third hunt use our On the Hunt III guide below.

How to Start On the Hunt III Bounty

The On the Hunt bounties can be found on the investigation expeditions map you access by speaking with Katheryne in Liyua Harbor. Each of these missions occurs once per day. On Katheryne’s map you will see a timer counting down to when the mission is available. This reset occurs each day at 2:00 AM MST. When you are ready to begin the hunt simply push the button prompt for On the Hunt to open the menu shown above. Accept On the Hunt: III to begin the third bounty.

Where to Find On the Hunt III Bounty

Image showing the map location of the On the Hunt II Bounty.

Once you start the third bounty you will get the location of the Geovishaps’ we need to hunt. These enemies for this bounty can be found in the Bishui Plains area of Liyue on a small island in the northern portion of the map. This bounty suggests bringing along water elemental characters so plan your party accordingly. When ready head out to the map location shown above.

Geovishaps’ Clue and Spawn

In the quest circle area look for three rock piles on the upper portion of the island near the waterfall. Destroy the three rock piles to trigger the Geovishaps’ to appear. There are two that will attack you once the rock piles are destroyed. Defeat both of the enemies that appear to complete this third bounty. The reward for completing this mission is 5x Hero’s Wit and progress in the On the Hunt quest-line.

That’s all you need to know to complete the On the Hunt III bounty in Genshin Impact. This bounty is one of multiple you can complete for rewards over the course of Vishaps and Where to Find Them. Check back and I will have more guides for you on these other bounty hunts.

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  1. derp says:

    Bit useless more important is what affinity are the vishaps?? electro etc, game recommends hydro but as they are always a pair other elements are viable as well as wrong elements to bring as the other can counter it or can cause bad reactions. Very much more helpful to those ar45 and lower too as I have seen many struggle with these that do not have a wide build of characters or have characters leveled up enough.

    • Adi says:

      Agree on how useless this article was. It’s pretty easy to determine where / how to find them. I came seeking tips on fighting them as one is fire and one is electro and they barrel down on you, barely allowing you to sprint away or switch characters. This particular combo is very frustrating!

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