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Vishaps and Where to Find Them is a special event in Genshin Impact that focuses on expeditions. This limited time event tasks players with completing investigations given by Katheryne to receive rewards like Primogems and more. To help you complete this limited time event use our Vishaps and Where to Find Them guide below.

Note: Event runs from 2021/03/05 – 2021/03/12. More updates to come below.

How to Start Vishaps and Where to Find Them Event

To start this limited time event you need to meet a few prerequisites first. First you need to be at least Adventure Rank 20. Second you need to have completed Liyue Katheryne’s quest “Vishaps and Where to Find Them.” Once you meet both requirements you can participate in the event. To begin the event simply head to Katheryne in Liyue Harbor and speak to her at the Adventure Guild there.

How to Complete the Investigative Expeditions

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When you speak to Katheryne you will trigger a new dialogue interaction. After this interaction you will see the new Investigations Map. On this map you will see a collection of eight Expeditions from which you can select four per day. These are split up according to difficulty. With the most common be B. When you are ready to start an Investigation simply highlight the one you want and select it. This will take you to the Investigation Party screen from which you can select characters to send. You can assign up to four characters with an additional friend’s showcase character as well.

Once you’ve sent your party on the Investigation you need to wait for them to conclude the search. This means waiting the IRL timer on the Investigation. Upon their return you will receive your reward and a possible bonus reward. Each Investigation pays out some amount of Primogems along with a possible bonus of materials.

On the Hunt

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Alongside the special investigations above there is a new set of bounties players can complete as part of the On the Hunt quest-line. These bounties are accessible once per day. The bounties task players with going to a location, looking for clues, and fighting enemies. These bounties can be started on the special investigation map and feature the following:

Completing the bounties listed above will earn you Bounty Rewards that include Hero’s Wit and other valuable materials. There are a total of four bounties to complete during this event so consult the guides linked above to learn more about each individual one.

That’s all you need to know to complete this limited time event. This event is slated to run for a few days so be sure to tap it for Primogems daily while it lasts. If you want to really boost rewards tap your friends heroes for additional bonuses.

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